With such a wide variety of tripods out there, how can you know which will be perfect for you? Are you a beginner, intermediate or professional photographer? Do you travel and need a delightfully light travel companion?

Look no further, we have compiled some great tripod suggestions for your individual photography needs.

For The Beginner

Velbon DF-61/EF-61 Tripod: £34.99

Velbon DF-61/EF-61 Tripod

Suitable for all budgets at just £34.99, the EF-61 Tripod is capable of holding compacts, DSLRs and video cameras weighing up to 4kg.

Created from aluminium, this tripod weighs under 1.5kg and folds to a height of 57cm (extendable up to 156cm). Along with its rubber feet to grip most surfaces, it is suitable for travelling if you fancy getting out there into the wild!

The EF-61 isn't only tripod legs, it also comes with a 3-way pan and tilt head which enables portrait and landscape modes of shooting. This tripod is ideal for those starting out and is great value for money.

For The Intermediate

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 Tripod With BH-100 Ball Head: £199.99

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 Tripod With BH-100 Ball Head

Are you looking for something with a little more oomph? We recommend the Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 Tripod at £199.99. This guy is made from aluminium and can support weights of up to 7kg, reach a maximum height of 173cm and a minimum of just 23cm. It weighs 2.3kg and when folded, reaches 74cm tall. The legs can be locked at 20°, 40°, 60° or 80° enabling you to acheive that perfect height whether you're capturing images of a beloved pet, a stunning sunset, or a fellow friend!

This is a full tripod kit including a BH-100 Ball Head which allows 360° rotation and 90° tilt angles. Once this tripod is set up you can capture images all around you by a simple rotation!

For The Professional

Benro TMA48CLB4 Series 4 Mach3 Carbon Fibre Tripod with B4 Ball Head: £399

Benro TMA48CLB4 Series 4 Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod with B4 Ball Head

Practising photography professionally and need one of the best tripods out there? We love the chunky Benro TMA48CLB4 which has a load capacity of a huge 20kg - equivalent to a medium-sized dog! It has 4-section legs allowing extension to a maximum of 173cm and retraction to 36cm. Folded, this tripod is 59cm tall and weighs only 2.4kg thanks to its carbon fibre construction. If the rubber gripped feet don't provide enough support on some surfaces such as ice or grass, there are also metal spiked feet to gain that extra grip so you can continue shooting in any conditions!

Along with the tripod legs, this heavy-duty tripod includes a B4 Triple Action Ball Head and PU70 Quick-Release Plate. The Ball Head enables 360° panning and friction control to change the level of drag.

You can get all this for £399 and be out there shooting stunning images in no time thanks to our fast and free delivery!

For The Traveller

Benro Slim Aluminium-Alloy Tripod with Ball Head: £79

Benro TSL08AN00 Slim Aluminium-Alloy Tripod with Ball Head

Love travelling but struggling to find a sturdy yet lightweight tripod to take along with you? We would recommend the Benro Slim Tripod because it has a load weight of 4kg but weighs only 1.2kg itself. It has 4 section legs which feature a 3 position angle lock and enable the tripod to be extended from 40cm to 146cm. The included ball head can pan 360° and the centre column is reversible enabling the camera to be attached between the legs instead of above them. All of this is priced at just £79!

This tripod is also available in carbon fibre for just £20 more totalling £99. The carbon fibre material makes the tripod even lighter at just 1kg. Imagine climbing to the top of a mountain to catch the perfect sunrise and all you need to carry along with your usual kit is effectively a bag of sugar!

MeFOTO RoadTrip Air Travel Tripod With Bluetooth Selfie Stick: £139.99

MeFOTO RoadTrip Air

Fancy a splash of colour? The MeFoto RoadTrip Air Travel Tripod comes in 7 different shades and the centre column can even be removed to become a selfie stick - perfect for both camera and smartphone owners! These fun tripods can each support up to 6kg in weight and only weigh 1.1kg so are perfect to slip into your backpack. The head enables 360° panning which is unusual on a ball head this compact.

The MeFoto RoadTrip Air costs only £139.99 and is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers who have the travel bug!

These are just a few of the tripods we have available, to see the full range click here. If you don't think any of these suggestions are right for you and would like help on which tripod will best fit your requirements, please contact our knowledgeable team.