Cokin Z Series Nuances Extreme Centre Graduated ND8 3 Stop Glass Filter (GND8)

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The sun is just peeking up over the horizon. The sky is on fire and the earth is beginning to glow. And you are playing an exposure dance between all three elements in your image. Trying to maintain detail in that narrow band of bright light as the sun rises can be very challenging to any photographer when you need balance your exposure for the sky and earth too. A Center Graduated filter is just the tool to help manage that tricky exposure.

By focusing the reduced exposure on the horizon where the sun is rising you can let the earth and sky do its light dance in its natural state while maintaining detail at the horizon where the sun is rising. This creates a manageable dynamic range in a single image so your post production time is spent enhancing instead of fixing.

NUANCES Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filters are dedicated to landscape photography. When the dynamic range of film or sensor is too narrow, they allow to balance brightness between two parts of an image by efficiently keeping details in the highlights while exposing for the shadows of a scene. GND filters effect cannot be reproduced in post‑processing, where clipping is hard to recover. The transition between the dark and light areas is soft, making it easier to use in most situations.

NUANCES GND filters have been designed to fit our range of CREATIVE filter-holders, from M to XL sizes. NUANCES GND filters can be combined with other filters from the CREATIVE Filter System range for unlimited creativity.

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