DJI Ronin 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Combo

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The powerful DJI Ronin 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal is the next step in DJI’s gimbal innovation. Featuring upgraded high-torque motors, a new detachable grip, and ‘Enhanced Intelligence’ the Ronin 2 has been engineered for reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. Compatible with more devices than ever before, the Ronin 2 can also resist high G-forces, ensuring unrivalled smoothness.

Key Features:

Unprecedented power: Upgraded high-torque motors allowing for more compatibility than ever before, ensuring smoothness even in high wind situations

Detachable grip: Remove the lower part of the hand grip when not needed

Simplicity: Refined and tweaked controls make setup easier than ever

'Enhanced Intelligence': Get shots that would never have been possible without more specialist equipment



Operation modes:

Underslung mode

Upright mode

Briefcase mode

Handheld, car mount, aerial, tripod, & Steadicam mode

Built-in, independent IMU module

DJI Advanced 32-Bit ARM processor

DJI specialised gimbal drive motors with encoders

Dual battery system

Bluetooth module

D-Bus receiver support

2.4/5.8GHz receiver

Temperature sensors

Built-in touch panel

Built-in GPS

USB type-C connection

Power and video signal through slip ring

Included in your purchase:

Ronin 2 Gimbal

Carrying case

Ronin 2 Power hub

Camera mounting plate

Camera upper mounting plate

Remote controller

Battey compartment

Intelligent battery (TB50)

Battery charger

Power cable

Charging hub


Accessories package:

Screw and hex keys

Cable package:

Red power

Arri power

2-pin power

DC power

6-pin-to-P-tap adapter

USB-C cable

Control cable (red)

Control cable (Arri)

Ronin 2 power cable

S-bus receiver cable

Manual package

Monitor mount bracket

15 mm rod mount

15 mm extension rod

Ronin 2 universal mount


Camera tray dimensions:

Maximum depth from centre of gravity on camera base plate: 245mm

Maximum height measures from top of the camera base plate: 165mm

Maximum width: 180mm

Accessory power connections:

14.4V x 4 camera cage (combined 8 A)

12.6V x 2 pan motor (combined 4 A)

12.6V x 1 P-Tap (8 A)

GCU Power Unit: Intelligent Battery 4280mAh-22.8V

Connections: 2.4/5.8GHz remote control, Bluetooth 4.0, USB Type-C

Mechanical & Electrical Characteristics:

Working current:

Static current: 300mA (A22.8V)

Dynamic current: 500mA (@22.8V)

Locked motor current: Max 15A (@22.8V)

Run time: 8 hours (2.5 hours when powering gimbal and accessories)

Weight: 5.5kg (including handle bar) – 4.2kg (without handle bar)

Gimbal dimensions:

Including handle bar: 350 x 416 x 530mm

Excluding handle bar: 630 x 416 x 720mm

Working performance:

Load weight: 13.6 kg

Angular vibration range: 0.02°

Maximum controlled rotation speed:

Pan axis: 400°/s

Tilt axis: 360°/s

Roll axis: 360°/s

Mechanical endpoint range:

Pan axis control: 360° continuation rotation

Tilt axis control: +135°

Roll axis control: +220°

Controlled rotation range:

Pan axis control: 360° continuation rotation

Tilt axis control: +45° - 135°

Roll axis control: +45°

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