FeiyuTech AK2000S FF PRO Kit 3-Axis Handheld Stabilised Gimbal With Follow Focus

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Feiyu Tech AK2000 HyperLink Kit Including AK2000 3-Axis Single Handle Gimbal, Follow Focus II and Hyperlink Remote Control (p/n 1650 067.1).

The 2.8kg load-carrying capacity of the AK2000 makes it compatible with the majority of mirrorless, DSLR cameras and lightweight video cameras.

lightweight and Powerful

The ultra-large torque motors and high-performance chip of the AK2000 support the payload capacity and intelligent anti-shake algorithm capable of being used in extreme environments. With a maximum load capacity of 2.8kg, you can be sure that your camera is fully supported, providing the perfect solution for both steady photos and video footage.

Multi-functional Magic Ring

This high-precision magnetic induction knob can control the cameras focus and zoom functions but also can be used to control the high-precision rotation of the motor, giving you a cradle-like experience. Simply rotate the ring to control multiple features of the gimbal and camera.

Low Power LCD Touch Panel

This unique touch panel uses a simple swipe left/right interface and allows for easy adjustment of user settings such as follow focus, zoom, sensitivity, ISO. white balance, exposure compensation, motor speed/scene setting and auto-rotation mode settings. The screen can also be locked preventing accidently touch commands when in use.

WiFi + Bluetooth dual module connection

Use the Feiyu ON APP to connect to the camera and set up parameters via Bluetooth

You can also connect to compatible devices using WiFi and control features such as shooting, focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, ISO adjustment, white balance, exposure compensation, and switching mode function.

Bevelled angle design

Simple design style, the popular bevelled angle design doesn't obstruct the screen during shooting allowing for easy framing.

AK2000 Hyperlink Remote Control

This gimbal also comes with the Hyperlink remote control. The remote allows you to control the movement and sensitivity within 10-15 metres of the gimbal. You can change settings, modes and more all from your hand and with up to 18 hours battery run-time this kit is a must.

Motion Sports mode

After connecting to the gimbal, press and hold the trigger button to enter the Motion Sports mode. This allows you to capture subtle movements, and easily follow objects as they move.

Feiyu On app

If your Gimbal comes with a Bluetooth and/or WiFi mode, you can enjoy even more features with the Feiyu-ON app including an object tracking mode and remote access. You can edit all footage on the app as well as changing settings and modes.

Included In Kit

1 x AK2000 Handheld Gimbal

1 x Hyperlink Remote Control

4 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery

1 x Multi-use charger

1 x Tripod

1 x Cable Release Cables

1 x Thumb screw

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