Guide Infrared IR510 N1 Nano Thermal Imaging Monocular with Wi-Fi

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The IR510 Nano Series from Guide incorporates thermal technology, advanced algorithms and innovation into a compact and easy to use device. Features a 400x300 17µm thermal sensor and a LCOS colour display with 50Hz frame rate for smooth & crisp viewing and is capable of detecting a human up to 500m. Users can select from up to five different colour palettes for a more customised experience.


The unit operates silently and is easy to use, featuring four control buttons all of which are placed within the users natural hand-placement for easy reach.


Power is supplied via an internal battery which provides up to 5 hours of operation time and can be recharged via a standard USB cable.


The IR510 Series can connect to smartphones via a dedicated App, allowing the user to remotely operate the unit as well as live view and capture photos & videos.



Thermal Sensor: 400x300 17µm

Spectral Range: 8µm-14µm

Detection Range: 500m (Human: 1.8mx0.5m), 1300m (Vehicle: 2.3mx2.3m)

Digital Zoom: 2-4x

Focus: 19mm (Free)

Dioptre: ±4

Field of View: 19.0° x 14.5°

Display: 0.2" LCOS Colour

Colour Palettes: Black hot, white hot, red hot 1, red hot 2, red hot 3

Frame Rate: 50Hz

Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Protection: IP66

Drop Rating: 1m

Weight: 350g

Size: 160x67x62mm

Battery: Internal Li-Ion (3.7v, 3200mAh)

Operating Time: >5

Ports: USB (Charging) & MCX Connector (PAL/NTSC)

Adaptor: Standard USB power adaptor (Max 10w)


Additional Functions

- Built-In torch

- Cross cursor

- Image Enhancement

- Wi-Fi

- Zoom

- Charging indicator

- Active indicator


What's in the box?

- Thermal imager

- Power adapter

- USB cable

- Video cable

- lens cap

- Wrist strap

- Shoulder strap

- Soft drawstring bag

- User manual


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