Guide MobIR Air Thermal Imaging Camera for Smartphone - For Apple iOS

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MobIR Air is a Phone Add-on Thermal-Imaging Camera, which can quickly turn your mobile phone into a thermal imager, letting you discover and measure the temperature visually. It can see objects in the dark and easily detect the temperature of all objects.


This tiny thermal-imaging camera offers a temperature range from -20℃ to 120℃(-4℉~248℉), and allows you to measure temperature from 1.2 meters away, ensuring safe social distance and avoiding cross-infection.

After installing the supporting app on your phone, simply connect this device to your phone, then you can measure temperatures, take pictures and videos, easy to use. Available in both Android version and iOS version.

The unit is made of aluminum alloy and anodized on the surface, ruggedly-built for working in rough environment.

Mini size makes it extremely portable, plug and play design allows you to use it on the go, taking temperatures anytime and anywhere fast and conveniently.

Automatically sound an alarm and capture the image when the measured temperature exceeds alarm value.

Not just for taking temperatures, the device can also be used to detect spy camera, look for lost pet at night, detect electrical faults, firefighting.


Brand: GUIDE

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: Dark Grey

Version: Android(Type-C connector) / iOS connector (Optional)

Resolution: 120*90

Pixel size: 17μm

Field: 50°

Power consumption: <150mW

Temperature measurement range: -20℃~120℃(-4℉~248℉)

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±3℃ under 10℃~26℃ environment

Working Temperature: 0℃~35℃

Working height: up to 3000m

Item Size: 5.2 * 2.7 * 1.5cm / 2.04 * 1.06 * 0.59in

Item Weight: 23g / 0.81oz

Package Weight: 103g / 3.63oz

Package Size: 10.6 * 7.6 * 3.8cm / 4.17 * 2.99 * 1.49in

Packing List:

1x MobIR Air Thermal Imaging Camera

1x Lanyard

1x User Manual (English)

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