Panasonic HC-VXF990 4K Digital Camcorder

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The Panasonic HC-VXF990 camcorder features a plethora of advanced imaging technologies, such as the LEICA DICOMAR Lens, BSI Sensor and Crystal Engine 4K, to produce beautiful 4K images that boast four times the resolution of Full-HD. This model is equipped with high-speed, high-precision auto focus technologies to capture sharp, crisp images because focusing is highly critical for 4K shooting. In addition, by recording in 4K Photo mode, the user can obtain 8-megapixel still images of decisive moments that can't be captured even by the burst shooting of an SLR camera.

Your Vision in Stunning 4K

Capture videos or photos in breathtaking 4K quality with the LEICA Dicomar lens. Get professional results with the EVF and Cinema Like Effect and unique footage with the Wireless Multi Camera feature. Capturing your vision is easier than ever.

Catch All Of Nature’s Beauty

A compact camcorder that captures video recording in stunning 4K resolution allowing impressive 4K stills of unmissable moments and pro-quality films.

It’s easier than ever to capture masterful 4K videos and photos thanks to high speed, high precision autofocus.

Smooth Zooming

With Smooth Zoom, you get smooth zooming without any zoom blur. It's also easy to zoom in on an off-centre subject without maneuvering the camera angle.

Exact panning

Enjoy smooth and exact panning by simply selecting the start and end points.

Easy tracking

You can choose a person to be tracked from a video, and the camcorder automatically keeps the object in the cropped area.

Convenient stabiliser

Even after shooting, you can compensate for shaking thanks to automatic adjustment of the cropping position. The result is more stable, clear footage.

Flexibility To Shoot

The Electronic ViewFinder (EVF) lets you easily shoot in bright daylight, while contributing to proper viewing.

The slide and tilt mechanism gives you flexibility to shoot from various positions. The detachable eyecup can comfortably fit either eye.

Professional effects

While shooting with Slow & Quick Video, you can combine slow and quick motion for active scenes to achieve pro-like effects.

Dramatic touches

Normally difficult to accomplish manually, slow zooming is easy with Slow Zoom, which lets you express emotional shifts in your subjects.

Suspenseful scenes

Dolly Zoom zooms in on the background only while maintaining the subject's size to express feelings such as confusion, distress or surprise.

Emotional masterpiece

With smooth Slow Motion Video, you can turn everyday scenes into works of art.

High-Quality Core Technologies

In addition to rendering crisp images, the remarkable LEICA Dicomar lens produces the subtle nuances and shading that LEICA lenses are renowned for, with minimised ghosting and flaring.

By increasing the read-out speed of the recording, the advanced BSI Sensor with approx. 8M effective pixels suppresses distortion to give an accurate rendering of the scene.

The Crystal Engine 4K features a high-speed, large-scale integrated circuit to process the huge volume of 4K data quickly and accurately while reducing noise.

Wireless Multi Camera

Enjoy a new kind of shooting style that lets you add even more emotion to your movies. Using Wi-Fi, you can link to as many as three smartphones and simultaneously record up to two of them as sub-windows. These sub-window images can be interchanged, and their display positions can be switched. This lets you shoot from a variety of angles and viewpoints, to capture a higher level of emotional impact.

Note: This function is not available with 4K mode nor with 24p mode.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie

Enjoy crisper, clearer videos thanks to the HDR Movie function. It combines two images taken with different exposures to suppress blown highlights and blocked shadows. Even in difficult shooting situations, such as backlighting, you can easily capture natural videos with excellent gradation. A dedicated HDR button enables quick mode changes when necessary.

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