Pulsar Axion Key XM30 Thermal Monocular Scope

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The Pulsar Axion Key XM30 hand held thermal imager replaces the popular Quantum Lite series of thermal imagers, but with a huge leap forward in technical prowess featuring 2.5x to 10x magnification, 320x240 12 µm core, a 960x720 LCOS display and 8 colour palettes with up to 1300m detection to deliver unsurpassed thermal imaging at this price level.

Designed to fit perfectly in one hand or in a pocket, the compact design also makes Pulsar Axion Key XM30 the perfect thermal imaging monocular for scouting and spotting.

Designed to fit perfectly in one hand or in a standard-size pocket, Pulsar Axion Key ensures comfortable grip and handling, as well as easy carrying.

Weighing just 250grams the Pulsar Axion XM30 Key thermal monocular is proof great performance can come in a small package. Features a brand new advanced thermal core with 12 µm pixel pitch which helps to achieve higher optic magnification and observation distance and simultaneously helps to make the unit more compact.

Designed to be tough and reliable, the Axion Key is an all metal magnesium alloy body shell which is waterproof to 1m for up to 30 minutes.

High Optic Magnification

Axion offers the highest magnification in the class of compact thermal imagers, providing the best identification of observed objects. With 2.5x to 10x mag with picture in picture mode.

Colour Palettes

The 8 colour palettes enhance viewing in varying conditions. While the classic White Hot mode is exceptionally versatile, Hot Black is favoured for detecting wildlife at night. Red monochrome helps to reduce or prevent backlight from exiting the eyepiece, and Sepia improves long range observation.

Red Hot, Rainbow and Ultramarine enhance the temperature differences of various object attributes with Violet helping to identify objects faster.

B Pack Mini Power System

Minature power elements used in Axion models provide sufficient operation time and can be quickly replaced. B Pack Mini batteries can be charged either with the supplied charging station or in the unit connected to USB. B Pack Mini is also used in Pulsar Thermion riflescopes.

Instant Start Up

Thanks to the new internal system, Axion Key can be started almost instantly. Quick start helps to save energy and thus prolongs time of operation. The unit can be kept in a pocket and then rapidly activated when the right time comes.

Axion Key XM30 vs Axion XM30 - Whats the difference

The "Key" differences of the cheaper Axion Key XM30 is the display and functionality.

Whilst the man sized detection performance remains the same at 1300m the Key has a magnification of 2.5x to 10x mag where as the XM30 is 4x to 16x mag.

The Key display is 960x720 where the XM30 utilises the HD Amoled 1024x768 display.

Key also does not have Stream Vision integrated wifi, video recording and image capture, the XM30 and XM38 does have this functionality.


Microbolometer resolution, pixels and pixel pitch: 320x240 12 µm

Display type and resolution: LCOS 960x720

Objective Lens: F30 /1.2

Frame Rate:50hz

Magnification:2.5x to 10x with PIP

Range of Detection: 1300m

IPX7 Waterproof rated

Instant Start Up

No Video Recording, No Wifi, No Image capture facility.

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Manufacturer Part Number PUL-77425
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