Pulsar Challenger GS 1x20 Nightvision Monocular With Headmount Kit

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Presented Challenger GS 1x20 NVG monocular comes with a NV compact head mount and can be used as a hands-free night vision goggle (NVG). The head mount is specially designed for joint use with Challenger GS 1x20 and allows hands free operation of the night vision device in partial of complete darkness. The head mount ensures stable positioning in front of user's eyes, even while in fast motion.

At the core of the Challenger GS line are specially designed R-contact optics and Gen Super/CF-Super image intensifier tubes which provide edge-to-edge resolution performance unparalleled in a budget consumer night vision product.

The Challenger GS 1x20 is fitted with a five-lens eyepiece that minimises distortion at the edges of the field of view and increases sharpness and contrast of the image. The soft rubber eyecup conceals the light emission from the tube thus permitting user to stay unnoticed. The fact that only one eye is covered by the optic on this kit means that users are not susceptible to total 'night-blindness' which can be an inconvenient temporary side effect following the use of night vision that covers both eyes. Additionally the compact fibreglass reinforced plastic housing ensures high durability and reliability.

The Challenger range has an IP46 level of dust and water protection allowing it to be used in any level of precipitation.

This model has an energy conserving wide-angled short range IR illuminator and can be easily fitted with optional higher power IR illuminators for use over long distances when the device is hand-held. The Challenger GS is operated by a single switch which activates the device and the integrated IR illuminator sequentially. This prevents the IR illuminator from activating accidentally.

This powerful night vision tool is equipped with two diametrically positioned tripod sockets which allow attachment to an optional head mount for observation with the left or right eye or on a tripod. These sockets also enable a higher powered IR illuminator to be fitted.

The Challenger GS 1x20 NVG can be used as a night vision monocular, night vision goggles (can be used either for the right or the left eye), and a night attachment for a day optical riflescope or a collimator sight. The body of the device is hermetically sealed which enables use in inclement weather (fog, heavy shower, dusty environment, sand storm etc.).

The Challenger GS 1x20 NVG boasts a wide range of applications, such as nocturnal walks on foot or by bicycle, night orientation, hunting, guard of industrial facilities and private property, military and sport games, patrolling and rescue operations.


Compact, lightweight and easy to use

Water and dust resistant

Energy conserving wide-angled short range IR illuminator

Adjustable NV compact head mount

Allows for use as a hands-free night vision goggle (NVG)

Two 1/4" tripod mounting threads

Single switch operation

Objective lens: 20mm

Magnification: 1x

Luminous gain: 900min

Resolution (centre): 42 lines/mm

Resolution (edge): 36 lines/mm

Field of View: 36°

Maximum detection range: 100m

Dioptric range: -4 to +4

Exit pupil: 6mm

Eye relief: 12mm

Operating temperature: -20°C to +40°C

Operating time with IR on: 20 hours

Operating time with IR off: 72 hours

Degree of protection (IP code): IP65

Accessory mount rail type: Weaver

Padded carry case with zip closure, quick release buckles, adjustable shoulder strap and external zipped pocket

Head mount carry case with zip closure and adjustable shoulder strap

Wrist strap and cleaning cloth included

Tube generation: CF-Super

Image intensifier tube type: EP-33-SF-U

Voltage: 3V (1 CR123A battery - not included)

Dimensions: 6.4"x3.1"x2.2" (16.3x7.9x5.7cm)

Total weight: 600g

Manufacturer: Pulsar

Manufacturer's number: 74095

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