Ricoh Theta V 360 Degree Digital Camera

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The Ricoh Theta V 360° delivers High resolution 360 video shooting with 4K(3840×1920, Max 56Mbps), 30fps. With this improvement more realistic spherical video can be recorded and shared.

Two image sensor and high performance processing engine

Two 1/2.3 inch image sensors with high-speed read out ability is placed on right and left side of the body. To capture high quality 4K/30fps spherical video, new image sensor is adopted.

For the main processing engine, “Snapdragon” of Qualcomm, which is well known for mobile SoC, is newly adopted. Not only for its advanced video data processing, it contributes to many other performances improvement such as increased processing speed of still image, high speed wireless data transfer, feature expansion, and power saving.

Image quailty

By renewing image sensor, image processing engine and image processing technology, image quality is further improved additional to 2K to 4K upgrade. Gives further reality with VR experience.

Shutter speed, ISO Sensitivity

With the highest shutter speed of 1/25000sec (THETA S:1/6400 sec), shooting situation is widened. With AUTO mode, ISO is 1600 which is as same as THETA S but with Manual Mode, ISO can be set to 3200. With this spec change, THETA V is good in to capturing dark scenes.

State-of-the-Art Image Processing Technology

AE accuracy is improved. With this improvement, over exposer and under exposer is reduced during high contrast scenes, or even at dark inside situation, THETA V is shot with appropriate exposure. With the improvement of image processing ability, shooting interval is shorten to 4 sec from 8 sec. This will widen the range of usage for time laps movie creation.

High speed data transfer

With the wireless communication module improvement, communication speed is drastically increased. As the imaging process speed is also improved, transfer speed of both still and video became extremely fast.

4K Live Streaming

360° live streaming is upgraded to 4K (3840×1920, 30fps). High quality UVC output via USB to PC is possible.

4ch microphone 360° spatial audio

Conventionally audio was recorded in monaural, so the VR experience which we can offered was image only. With THETA V, as it can record 360° spatial audio, the sound and the image is linked as a spherical video for further immersive VR experience.


4K 360° video recording capability (30fps)

4K 360° live streaming capability (30fps)

14MP 360° still images

360° spatial audio

High speed data transfer via WiFi & Bluetooth

Android operating system

Compatible with social network sites via APP

Send 360° images to your TV (adaptor required)

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