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Ricoh WG-60 Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Case and Strap Bundle: Red

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Product Description

This waterproof digital compact camera is designed so that anyone can capture outdoor activities more casually and without worries. Despite its compact, lightweight body, the WG-60 offers outstanding specifications that outperform ordinary digital cameras and smartphones under demanding outdoor conditions. It is waterproof to a depth of 14 meters; shockproof against a fall from a height of 1.6 meters; and freeze-proof against temperatures as low as -10°C.

Heavy-duty construction assuring underwater shooting down to 14 meters, for up to two hours The solid, airtight body common to the WG-60 is not only waterproof down to a depth of 14 meters for up to two hours of continuous operation (equivalent to IPX 8 or JIS Class 8), but is also shockproof against falls from a height of 1.6 meters, dustproof (equivalent to IPX 6 or JIS Class 6), freeze-proof to temperatures as low as -10°C, and crushproof against weights up to 100kgf (kilogram force).

Key Features

Exceptional image quality

The WG-60 come equipped with a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, which assures excellent high-sensitivity and low-noise characteristics and high-speed readout of image data signals. Coupled with a high-performance imaging engine, this image sensor delivers a top sensitivity of ISO 6400 and super-high-resolution images with approximately 16.0 effective megapixels.

5X optical zoom lens with a 28mm wide-angle coverage

The WG-60 feature a high-performance, five-times optical zoom lens with a focal-length coverage from 5mm to 25mm (equivalent to approx. 28mm to 140mm in the 35mm format) to accommodate a wide range of scenes and subjects, including sweeping landscapes.

Six Macro Lights to assist close-up shooting, and a Self-Portrait Assist mode

Ideally positioned around the circumference of the lens barrel for macro shooting, six LED Macro Lights allow the WG-60 to provide bright, uniform illumination on a subject when the Digital Microscope mode is selected. Thanks to these Macro Lights, the user can clearly see a magnified view of the microscopic world undetectable by the naked eye on the camera’s LCD monitor, and effortlessly capture eye-catching, close-up images.

Underwater shooting

Specifically designed for underwater photography, the Underwater and Underwater Movie shooting modes are programmed to optimize colour and contrast, based on the data of images actually captured under the water. These modes deliver sharp, true-to-life images by enhancing shades of red which are lost in underwater photography, while effectively compensating for the loss of contrast caused by the diffusion of light in water.

Full HD movie recording for extended shooting of high-quality movies:

The WG-60 provide Full HD movie recording employing the H.264 recording format. Users can capture high-quality, extended movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels, 16:9 proportions) at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.


Colour Red

Focal Length – Tele (mm) 25

Focal Length – Wide (mm) 5

ISO Maximum 6400

ISO Minimum 125

Maximum Aperture – Tele 6.6

Maximum Aperture – Wide 4.2

Megapixels 16

Memory Card Format SD/SDHC/SDXC

Optical Zoom (x) 5

Screen Size (Inches) 2.7

Sensor Size 1/2.3 inch

Sensor Type CMOS Senor

Shutter Speed Max 1/4000

Shutter Speed Min 4 seconds

Size (mm) 122.5 (W) x 61.5 (H) x 29.5 (D)mm

Weight (g) 193

Screen resolution (pixels) 230000

Manufacturer Ricoh

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