SiOnyx Aurora Sport Colour Action IR Night Vision Camera

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The SiOnyx Aurora is an innovative night vision monocular that utilises SiOnyx’s Ultra Low-Light Sensor Technology to record colour footage, not only during the day but also in both low light and at night. This added colour can assist with the accurate detection and identification of certain species. Its electronic image stabilisation technology will also minimise potential blur and compensates for any camera shake. The SPORT model uses the same recording technology as SiOnyx’s original ground-breaking Aurora, however, the GPS module has been removed to make manufacturing and retail price far more economical.


This SPORT model can record HD videos at a frame rate of 60 frames a second onto a 32GB MicroSD card, giving smooth video footage. It has an integrated Wi-Fi module that allows the device to be remote controlled, and any recorded footage to be streamed using the SiOnyx Aurora App to a smartphone or tablet.


Its ergonomic design and light weight allows it to sit comfortably in one-hand and its switch and dial settings are simple to use, allowing for quick adjustment in the field. The scene ring allows for a custom viewing experience for different times of day and the settings dial allows for fast operating mode changes. Users can also adjust the lens focus and dioptre. The device includes a variety of camera recording modes, including: burst mode, time-lapse, panoramic view, self-timer, loop mode, slow-mo (shutter control) and HDR (High Dynamic Range). The SPORT has a robust bodyshell and is shock- and waterproof and has a 1/4" tripod mount thread.




Battery: SX-50 Lithium-Ion

Battery Life: Up to 2 hours

Recharge Time: 2 hours

Recharge Via: USB 2.0 (USB-B)

Auto Power-Off Option: Yes



Sensor: Ultra Low-Light CMOS

Lens: 16mm

Focus: Manual & Auto

Shutter Speed 1.5, 1.0, 1/2, 1/4, 1/7.5, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/120, 1/240, 1/480, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000 & 1/8000 second

Video Frames Per Second: 7.4, 15, 24, 30, 60

Photo Resolution: 0.9MP

Photo Files: .jpeg

Video Resolution: 360p/720p

Video Files: .MOV

Viewfinder: Micro OLED Display

Display: Colour, phosphor green, monochrome

Zoom: 3x

Image Stabilisation: Yes

HDR (High Dynamic Range): Yes

Scene Control: Night, Twilight & Day

Diopter Control: Yes

Gain Control: Yes

White Balance: Auto



Storage: Micro SD Class 10 (not incl.)

Connectivity: WiFi, USB 2.0

Recording Modes: Burst, time-lapse, panoramic, self-timer, loop, slow-mo (via shutter speed), HDR (High Dynamic Range)


Tagging: No

Built-In WiFi: Yes

SiOnyx Aurora App: iOS & Android

Remote Access: Via SiOnyx App (photo & video transfer, live feed, control and alter device settings)

Audio: Yes

Date & Time Settings: Yes

On-Screen Gallery: Yes

Protection: IP67

Dimensions: 118.55 x 63.2 x 52.5 mm

Weight: 230g

Operating Temperature: 100C – 400oC at 90% humidity


Warranty: 1 Year


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