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Stofen Green Diffuser for 540EZ/550EX

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Product Description

Add some color to your scene with the OC-EZGR Green Omni-Bounce Diffuser from Sto-Fen. Optimized for use with select flash units, this diffuser easily slides onto the flash head and provides a greenish tint to your light, allowing users to create more interesting scenes or to match some existing lighting conditions. Also, it dramatically softens the light output, producing softer shadows and a more natural glow rather than the harsher effect created when using a direct flash. This effect will help to provide even coverage across the entire frame, which is especially useful for wide-angle shooting.

Compatible Flashes

Achiever: 630

Bower: 958

Canon: 299, 540EZ, & 550EX

Digi-Slave: Dlx 3000

LumoPro: LP160

Neweer: TT660, TT680, & TT850

Nissin: Di700

ProMaster: 5750DX, 5900, 7500DX, 7500EDF, FTD5600, FTD5700, FTD5750, FTD5950, FTD6500M, & FTD7000M

Quantaray: QTB7500A & QTB9500A

Sakar: 77TFZ

Sony: HVL-F60M

Starblitz: 3800DFH

Sunpak: PZ-5000AF

Vivitar: 5200 & 600N

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