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Thinkware F100 Front Dash Cam With Impact G Sensor 1080p 16gb Car Charger Kit

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Product Description

The Thinkware F100 is an affordable entry level front dash cam. This camera records in full HD 1080P and features ‘Time Lapse’, which increases the time your camera records for in parking mode. Optional safety/speed camera alerts is a great additional feature that can make your journey even safer.

Video Resolution & Quality

The F100 front camera records in 1080P full HD @ 30 FPS and has a viewing angle of135°. . This ensures that the camera captures an extensive and clear view of any incident. This allows you to have the peace of mind that if an accident does occur, there will be court admissible video evidence.

Thinkware F100 Recording Modes

Continuous Recording– The F50 will begin recording automatically when the engine is switched on and will continue in this mode during normal driving conditions.

Event Recording– If the G-Shock sensor is triggered a 10 second pre and post-impact video clip is saved providing a 20 second clip of the entire event.

Manual recording– When the REC button is pressed a manual event is created saving the previous 10 seconds and following 50 seconds of footage.

Parking Mode– This is when the camera records when the ignition is off and the camera has been hardwired into the vehicle.

Parked Recording Mode

The Thinkware F100’s parking mode consists of two options, Time-Lapse and motion detection. Please note that you can only have one of these modes active at a time.

Motion Detection– The Thinkware F100 will only record footage if it detects movement near the vehicle then a 20 second video clip will be created, showing the 10 seconds before and after the movement was detected. The same will happen if an impact is detected.

Time-lapse– The F100 will record at 1ps when the vehicle is parked, this means you’ll be collecting crisp clear video many hours after leaving the vehicle. If the G-Sensor detected an impact a 6 minute 30fps video file will be created showing 3 minutes before and after the incident.

Optional Features

Through the use of the GPS antenna the camera is able to locate the vehicle and monitor the speed and direction of travel to provide court admissible evidence if an accident occurs.

If you are using this camera in a commercial vehicle, the additional locking case will ensure no unauthorised personnel can access the camera’s SD card., it also stops the camera from being unplugged as the power cable also sits inside the case. View the F100 Locking Case.

Warning Systems

The Thinkware F100 has two advanced warning systems, Lane departure warning system (LDWS) and Forward collision warning system (FCWS). In order for these system to work, the vehicle must be travelling a minimum of 30MPH and the camera to have a GPS signal. You are able to disable the warning systems in the settings of the camera.

LDWS- An audible warning will be issued to notify the driver when the vehicle is leaving its lane.

FCWS The driver is notified through an audible warning that the vehicle in front is slowing down or stopped to ensure that you do not have a rear-end collision.

Technical Specifications

Brand – Thinkware

Model – F100

Front Camera – Yes

Screen – No

HD/Video Resolution – 1080p 1920 x 1080 (front)

Video Frame Rate – 30fps

Codec – H.264

File Format – MP4

Video Playback – Via IOS/Android App or PC/Mac Software

Viewing Angle – Diagonal 135°

Sensor – Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor

Internal Mic (Sound Recorded) – Yes, can be muted

Memory Card Included – Yes, 16GB Micro SD Card Class 10

Memory Capacity – 64GB SD Card Class 10

WiFi – No

Software – Thinkware viewer

Software Compatibility – Windows/Mac

Mobile App – No

Speed Camera Alerts – Yes, With GPS Antenna Connected

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) – Yes

Front Collision Warning System (FCWS) – Yes

Removable Camera – Yes

Internal Battery – No

G-Sensor – Yes

Parking Mode – Yes, requires hard-wire cable

Photo Mode – No

Built in GPS – No

GPS Mapping – Yes, With Additional GPS Antenna

Speed Stamp – Yes, only visible via software or app

Auto Event Recording – Yes

Auto start/stop rec – Yes

Date/Time Stamp – Yes

Overwrite Recording – Yes

Manual Recording – Yes

One Touch Formatting – Yes

Tone Alerts – Yes

Spoken Alerts – Yes

Super Night-vision – Yes

Operating Temperatures – -10° ~ 60°C

Waterproof – No

Dimensions – 78 x 34 x 31.5 mm

Manufacturer Thinkware

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