Vanguard VEO 2S CM-264TBP Carbon Fibre Monopod with Foldable Tri-Feet and BP-120 Ball/Pan-Head

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The Vanguard VEO 2S CM-264TBP is a lightweight, compact, portable, carbon fibre monopod with foldable tri-feet for added stability, and includes a unique VEO 2 BP-120 ball head that can convert to a pan-head in seconds.

With a maximum load capacity of 13.2lbs/6kg, this combination is perfect for any style of DSLR/mirrorless camera, whether for photography or video. Alternatively it can be used for smaller spotting scopes or binoculars.

Whether you're looking to lighten your load, or need additional stability in a location where a tripod won't work, this monopod could be the ideal solution for shooting photo or video. With the portability of a monopod and the added tri-feet, you have increased stability and functionality over a monopod, while maintaining a tiny footprint.

The 26mm carbon fibre monopod leg weighs 2.9lbs/1.3kg and the 4-sections allow it to fold down to 24 3/8 inches/62cm. The added carabiner allows it to be attached to bags without a tripod holder, or alternatively the rubber foot and wrist strap allow it to be used as a walking support for maximum portability, making moving from location to location fast and effective.

When needed, the ½” turn lock/unlock twist leg locks allow set-up and height adjustments to be made in seconds, allowing you to shoot at the level you need for the shot, from 24 3/8 inches/62 cm to 67 7/8 inches/172cm. The maximum height also makes this monopod comfortable to use for all but the tallest photographers

The leg locks also feature a robust and easy to maintain design. With the growing trend for long exposure water photography it's easy to get water, mud or sand into the locks. This design makes it easy to dismantle the legs, clean them and then reassemble them. Maximising the life of the product.

The tri-feet are permanently fixed, but flip up for transporting the monopod, but can be deployed fast with just a finger. The base also includes a ball joint which can be tightened for maximum stability, or loosened to allow more dynamic movement, for example, tracking a moving subject. In addition, the tri-feet allows you to pan using the monopod itself

The unique design of the Arca Swiss compatible VEO 2 BP-120 head delivers maximum versatility for amateur and professional photographers alike.

As a ball-head, it has a solid grip for kit weighing up to 26.5lbs/12kg and including two ergonomic locking knobs that are easy to use, even in cold and wet conditions. The first for locking the ball joint and the second to lock/release the panning motion. This makes it perfect for traditional photography and those who prefer a ball-head.

As more photographers take video with their mirrorless/DSLR camera, Vanguard have developed the VEO 2 BP-120 to create a head that does both. Simply screw in the telescopic pan-handle supplied and you can follow moving subjects with ease. Alternatively this can then be used for a small spotting scope or binoculars, or even vlogging on the go.

Either way, this simple solution enhances the versatility of the VEO 2S CM-264TBP and takes away the need to compromise when choosing between a ball-head and a pan-head.

The VEO 2 BP-120 uses an Arca Swiss compatible QS-60 V2 quick release plate for use with cameras or spotting scopes alike. Other Arca Swiss compatible quick release plates are available for alternative uses (eg. spotting scopes). Alternatively, if Vanguard don't produce the quick release plate you need, more specialist Arca Swiss plates from other brands can also be used, allowing you to make it perfect for your style of photography.

In the unlikely event another head is needed, the VEO 2 BP-120 can be removed to reveal a standard 1/4" thread that any head can be attached to, though a standard 3/8" adaptor may be needed for larger heads

Your VEO 2S monopod can travel anywhere. Shooting at the beach, in dirty conditions while taking landscape images or seizing unexpected moments of wildlife. Clean-up is a snap! The new open to click twist leg locks allow for easy fresh water rinsing after working in most demanding environments.

VEO 2S CM-264TR Monopod:

- 4-section carbon fibre monopod

- Maximum load capacity of 6kg

- Foldable tri-feet allow for enhanced stability with minimal footprint

- Ball joint allows for smooth panning, or for following the action while shooting stills or doing video

- Advanced twist-leg locks using a 1/2” turn to lock/unlock and set up the monopod in seconds

- Rapid set and easy to clean twist locks

- Easy maintain twist locks to maximise the life of the product

- 1/4" thread to mount your choice of head if needed

- Comes complete with wrist strap and carabiner to make it easier to carry on the go

- Carbon fibre colour, with attractive, durable anthracite finish on metal fittings

VEO 2 BP-120 Head:

- Ball-head that converts to a pan-head with telescopic handle in seconds

- Arca Swiss compatible

- Maximum load capacity of 12kg

- Separate pan-lock

- Ergonomic locking knobs

- Matching anthracite finish

VEO 2S CM-264TBP Kit Combined:

- Weighs in at 1.3kg

- Folds down to 62cm

- Extends to a maximum height of 172cm

- Handles camera loads up to 6kg

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