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Visible Dust 4PK 1.0x Orange Swabs + V Dust Fluid Sensor Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

The Visible Dust EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit includes 1ml of VDust Plus fluid and 4 Orange 1.0x (24mm) DHAP Super Soft Fabric Sensor Cleaning Swabs. If you are unsure as to the nature of your stain or you get both water and lubricant stains, VDust Plus will fit the bill perfectly. Designed to clean away water and most oil stains, VDust Plus eliminates streaking and provides a moderate static barrier.

The Orange Swabs' double layer high-absorbency fabric is super soft, made of super thin fibres and is woven to be non-shedding. Its high absorbency capacity makes it ideal for the surface cleaning of delicates optics - it is used in cleaning space telescopes! The fabric has also a unique folding design that creates a softer edge compared to a hot sealing process.

The specially developed mini-channel design provides an even saturation of the paddles surface while preventing pooling and vertical flow at the edge, reducing streaks associated with traditional flat surface paddles. Compatible only with VDust Plus fluid.

Manufacturer Visible Dust

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