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Visible Dust EZ Kit CurVswab Light Cleaning - 1.0x (24mm)

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Product Description

Visible Dust EZ Kit CurVswab Light Cleaning - 1.0x (24mm)

Included in this kit is: a 5 pack of Orange Vswabs® 1.0x; 2 of the 1.15ml VDust Plus™; 1 CurVswab™ long; 1 CurVswab short; and a strap. Ideal for producing a professional finish when cleaning your camera sensor, the CurVswab has a firm handle means that edge-to-edge cleaning is easier and effective. The patented V-shape of the Orange Vswabs® provides optimum manoeuvrability in the camera's chamber, and the super soft woven material prevents scratches and promises a streak-free result. The VDust Plus liquid is a multi-ingredient, alcoholic solution that removes oil quickly and evaporates fast, and is best used with the DHAP Orange Vswabs.

Key Features: Visible Dust EZ Kit CurVswab Light Cleaning Kit

More versatile than single liquid

Better edge to edge cleaning

Better grip on the swab handle

Prevents streak lines

Manufacturer Visible Dust