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Visible Dust EZ Kit CurVswab Regular Strength - 1.3X (20mm)

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Product Description

Visible Dust EZ Kit CurVswab Regular Strength - 1.3X (20mm)

The CurVswab handle prevents streak lines and makes edge-to-edge cleaning easier, producing a higher-quality finish than the regular swab handle. Alongside 1 CurVswab short handle and 1 CurVswab long handle, this kit also includes: Green Vswabs® 1.3x size; 1.15ml of Sensor Clean™ liquid cleaner; and 1.15ml of VDust Plus™ liquid cleaner. Whilst the multi ingredient, alcoholic VDust Plus liquid is suitable for removing oil, the Sensor Clean liquid is better for water-based stains and dust contamination. Therefore this kit is perfect for when you don't know what type of stain or mark is on your sensor. The patented V-shape green MXD-100 Vswab ensures optimum manoeuvrability within the camera's chamber, and its multi-fabric construction makes it perfect for oil and smear removal. Any beginner can become Pro simply by adding the CurVswab™ handle to their sensor cleaning kit.

Key Features: Visible Dust EZ Kit CurVswab Regular Strength

More versatile than single liquid

Switching liquids enhances cleaning

Better value than single liquid

Easier to remove tough stains

Better edge to edge cleaning

Better grip on the swab handle

Prevents streak lines

Manufacturer Visible Dust