WANDRD Toiletry Bag - Large

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The Large Toiletry Bag is a 3.5-liter travel and daily use toiletries organizer. It has 2 zippered pockets with internal organization in both of them. The front pocket has 2 elastic mesh pockets and 1 large zippered pocket. Inside the zippered pocket, you will find a webbing loop with a snap for keeping rings, hoop earrings, etc secure and organized. The main pocket has 1 zippered pocket and 1 antimicrobial sleeve for keeping your toothbrush clean and securely in place. The internal liner material has a PU coating so if you have any unexpected spills you can easily wipe them away and clean the bag out. On the outside back panel of the Large Toiletry bag, you will find 3 pockets. The middle pocket contains an oversized hook for hanging the Bag. The sleeves on either side are for storing your toothbrush, razor, toothpaste, etc when you are at home or a hotel and let those items dry outside the Bag they also make for quick access. The Large Toiletry Bag comes with 2 secure gatekeeper hardware pieces for use in attaching the Bag to the Accessory Strap loops found on the front of our PRVKE Line or DUO Daypack adding expanded carrying capacity and quick access to your Toiletries. The gatekeeper hardware can also be used to attach our 2 Toiletry Bags together to create a monster of a toiletry bag for those needing extra space or going on long trips.


Weather Resistant Materials

2 quick-grab side handles

Secure grip pass-through handle

2 access pockets

4 attachment webbing loops

2 gatekeeps for attachment to WANDRD products

Anit microbial toothbrush Sleeve

Internal mesh and zippered pockets for organization

Jewelry organization loop for rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Built in hook for haning toiletry bag

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