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Westcott Basics Erin Manning Home Studio Kit

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Product Description

Westcott 407 Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit

The uLite is one of the first collapsible soft boxes designed to give you the amazing light quality of a traditional style soft box, without the tedious set up. With one simple push, your soft box takes form and locks into place. Although the uLites are designed to be compact in nature, they project an extremely broad area of light coverage. Basically, you can light a larger area with a smaller box. This is achieved by placing the removable diffusion front flush with the outer edge of the soft box. A simple 2-light setup can properly light up to a 10 feet x 10 feet (3.04m) area.

This amazing kit comes complete with two 85 watt daylight-balanced fluorescent lamps. Daylight is the most flattering and requested light source by both photographers and videographers. This soft and natural lighting will stay cool to the touch and run for more than 8,000 hours at consistent colour. The daylight-balanced 85-watt lamps each put out 340 equivalent watts of power making the kit 680 total watts of power.

Due to the cool nature of these lamps, this kit is ideal when working with children or pets as they keep your subjects cool and comfortable. With constant lighting, what you see is what you get.

That makes this kit extremely easy to use as you can visually see exactly where the light patterns are falling (and don't need any additional cumbersome cords or remote triggers). Combine this with the included educational DVD that explains everything you need to know about studio lighting, and you'll be creating professional quality images in no time. Unlike most manufacturers, the uLites have undergone extensive testing making them both CE and CSA certified.

Box Contains

1x Light

2x Lamp

2x Soft box

2x Stand

1x DVD

Manufacturer Westcott