Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro - White

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The Xiaomi Purifier Pro has an excellent way to clean the air using a three-layer filter. The filter contains the primary filter, the HEPA filter and the active carbon filter that filters hair and dust. Thanks to this filter, the Xiaomi Purifier Pro is also excellent for filtering very small particles. It eliminates approximately 99.99% of PM2.5 particles. That means particles as small as cigarette smoke. The Purifier Pro has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) test result of no less than 500 cubic meters per hour. This test shows that the Purifier Pro very effectively removes all small polluting particles, such as dust, pollen and bacteria from the air.

The Purifier Pro is suitable for both small and large spaces. The surface area that the Xiaomi Purifier Pro can clean is no less than 60 square meters and is a significant advance on its predecessor (the Xiaomi Purifier 2S) which cleans approximately 37 square meters.

The fan speed is automatically adjusted according to temperature, humidity and air quality. Thanks to the built-in laser, the quality of the air is continuously monitored with high precision. This laser measures all particles as small as 0.3 micron. The air quality is displayed via the OLED display and can easily be read. The app is no longer needed for this.

The Xiaomi Purifier Pro consumes only 2 watts of power in sleep mode and has a noise level below 31 decibels which makes it perfect for use in the bedroom. The Xiaomi Purifier Pro measures 26 x 26 x 73.5 cm, weighs 9.7 kg and is stylishly designed. This means the air purifier fits in every room in the house!

The Purifier Pro is easy to use with the Mi Home App on your smartphone. This allows you to adjust the air purifier completely to your wishes by adjusting speeds and entering schedules, so that you can, for example, enter a clean house immediately after work!

- Three layer filter for a very effective cleaning

- Practical and stylish design

- Cleans as much as 500 m3 per hour

- Extremely suitable for small and large spaces

- Filters both large and very small particles

- Air quality is monitored non-stop

- Easy to use, also via the Mi Home app

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