Yukon Spartan 2x24 Night Vision Monocular NVMT

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The compact and lightweight NVMT Spartan 2x24 monocular offers 2.0x image magnification and a 30° field of view. The Yukon NVMT (Night Vision Multi Task) Spartan range is the most ergonomically designed, aesthetically pleasing, is well featured and is the highest performing Gen 1 night vision monocular series on the market today.

Powered by a single 3v Lithium CR123A battery (not included), they are small, lightweight and easy to use. With the versatility to change lenses and add an array of optional accessories that allow head or weapon mounting, camera/audio attachments or a simple performance enhancement, the NVMT Spartan range is probably the most successful Gen 1 monocular series of all time.

Having spawned many imitations, these models are still the benchmark for budget night vision system and continue to top best seller lists, because of their performance and price. All these Yukon NVMT Spartan models feature a stylish and tactile soft touch green/black sure-grip ABS plastic body-shell with partial rubber armouring for extra hold and protection, as well as a built-in IR illuminator to enhance performance and allow use in very low light or total darkness.

With smooth and intuitive focusable objective and ocular lenses there is also an integral slot built-in to the bodyshell to retain the lens cap while the monocular is in use. Operational status LED’s illuminate green for the image intensifier tube and red for the IR illuminator, helping to preserve battery life and serve to alert the user should the device accidentally be switched or left on.

With the benefit of twin ¼” Whitworth threads built-in for secure mounting to tripods and as attachment points for the numerous accessory options available to enhance performance and function, each unit is individually serial numbered and is supplied with a secure detachable wrist strap and soft carry case with convenient belt loop.


Sure-grip ABS Plastic bodyshell

2.0x image magnification

25° field of view

Built-in IR illuminator

Objective and ocular lenses

Operational status LED’s

Image intensifier tube

Built-in twin ¼” Whitworth threads

Detachable wrist Strap & soft carry case with belt loop

Powered by 3v Lithium CR123A battery (Not included)

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