Yukon Tracker Pro 2x24 Night Vision Binoculars

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The Yukon Tracker Pro 2x24 night vision binocular allows for extremely detailed observation ability under the darkness of night. This innovative night vision binocular comes prepared with both high and low beam infrared illuminators for both long and short distance viewing. Special PULSE™ system provides the maximum level of infrared illumination without the major power drain on the battery. The PLUSE™ system permits the maximum possible output by the I.R. Illuminator diode, yet letting it rest between the impulses to protect the IR from burning out. The pulsing frequency is invisible to a human eye but it penetrates longer distances due the rapid energy bursts of the IR.

Yukon Tracker Pro 2x24 Night Vision Binocular specially designed rubberized body is amazingly lightweight that anyone can easily take it on long journeys.

Yukon Tracker Pro 2x24 Night Vision Binocular utilizes the new Eclipse™ Lens Cover System, which uses flip-up covers that can simply clipped back beside the body of the binocular. Pin holes in the lens caps permit the Tracker to be used in the daytime when the caps are closed. In addition, Yukon Tracker Pro 2x24 Night Vision Binocular features a dual diopter adjustment along with central focusing knob and completely multicoated optics.


Generation 1

Magnification 2.0x

Field of view 30°

Infra Red Yes

Lens diameter 24mm

Battery 1 x CR123A

Resolution typical (lp/mm) 32-36

Eye relief 12mm

Length 175mm

Width 123mm

Height 72mm

Weight 600g

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