Yukon Tracker RX 3.5x40 Night Vision Binoculars

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Examine the night in a new way as you try out Yukon Advanced Optics, Yukon Tracker RX 3.5x40 night vision binoculars. The Tracker RX 3.5x40 night vision binocular is compact, lightweight and provides a wide field of view. The Tracker RX 3.5x40 night vision binocular is the maximum magnification in the Tracker series and allows for amazingly detailed observation capability in the darkness of night. This outstanding Tracker RX 3.5x40 binocular comes with a double lens that gives a 3.5x magnification that can be detached for a 2x binocular with a wide field of view.

The Yukon Tracker RX 3.5x40 provides clear viewing in full darkness by utilizing an integrated IR infrared illuminator, when in use the illuminator produces a pulsing frequency i.e. so energy proficient it creates less battery drainage and extend battery life.

The water resistant RUBBER ARMOURED body of Yukon Tracker RX 3.5x40 NVB increases the binocular usefulness, while the central focus knob and fixed eye span distance offer comfort, ease and reliability. Yukon Tracker RX 3.5x40 binoculars make use of fitted PULSE™ system IR illuminators for extra image clarity in total darkness.

The soft, one-piece eyecup avoids external light distortion, allowing the user to stay unseen in the night. The ECLIPSE™ flip-top lens caps are an added element that allows the lens caps to move out of the way with a twist of the wrist. Yukon Tracker RX 3.5x40 Night Vision Binocular comes with detachable, individual, 40 mm lens that provides 3.5x magnification and improves range of detection without any loss of the image value. By removing, the doubler lens Yukon Tracker RX 3.5x40 Night Vision Binocular can transform to a 2x24 unit.


Tracker LT model based

RX 3.5x40 dual magnification options, 1.7x lens converter

High resolution intensifiers

Rubber armor protection

Dual eye dioptre adjustment

Water and fog resistant

IR illuminator effective distance up to 150yd

Single IR illuminator for use in very low light/total darkness

Standard 2.0x image magnification and wide 30° field of view and 1.7x

lens converter fitted give 3.5x image magnification and 15° field of view



Generation 1

Magnification 2.0x/3.5x

Field of view 30°/15°

Infra Red Yes

Lens diameter 24mm/40mm

Battery 1 x CR123A

Resolution typical (l/mm) 32-36

Eye relief 12mm

Length 225mm

Width 123mm

Height 72mm

Weight 800g

Supplied In Box

Yukon Tracker RX 3.5x40 Generation 1 Night Vision Binoculars

Pouch Case

Neck Strap

Cloth for cleaning lenses

Tracker magnification doubler 2.0x to 3.5x

User Operating Instructions Manual

Manufacturers Warranty

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