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Benro GH2 - Gimbal Head

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Product Description

The Benro GH2 Gimbal Head is a specialised tripod head designed for photographers who want comfort, stability and smooth control with their heavier zoom lenses.

This is something that you just can’t get with the standard ball head. The GH2 allows you to rotate your lens around its centre of gravity enabling easy manipulation of large lenses up to 600mm. If its sport or wildlife photography, manoeuvrability and speed are two very important factors which the Benro GH2 supports, allowing photographers to capture those all important unpredictable moments. It comes with a QR plate which can be quickly removed by turning the knob on the side.

The lens is set flat when using the GH-2, whereas a lens attached to the GH-1 is in an upright position. The GH2 is compatible with the international-style QR plates such as the Arca Swiss and the Benro PL Series special lens plates.

Manufacturer Benro
Head Type Gimbal Head
Colour Black