Warranty Repairs

Unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong and you may discover a fault with your purchase. If something's not working as it should within 30 days of delivery please visit our Returns page to find out how to send it back for a refund or replacement.

Outside of the 30 day return period, and within the item's Warranty period you would need to initiate a warranty claim with the manufacturer, or you can send it back to us and we can facilitate the warranty claim on your behalf. Going directly to the manufacturer is usually quicker as there is less handling time but we are more than happy to do this for you if it makes things easier.

Once the item is with the manufacturer they will inspect the unit and repair or replace it if applicable.

The length and terms and conditions of the manfacturer's warranty does vary depending on the item in question and we would always recommend familiarising yourself with the specific details upon receipt of the item. Cameras, lenses and other electronics will come with a manufacturer's warranty of at least 12 months.

Your invoice will act as proof of purchase for the warranty claim. If you're having trouble finding it please let us know and we can provide a copy.

Please note that if the fault is determined to be due to user error, damage, or misuse, repair will likely not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Turnaround times for warranty repairs can vary.

If you would like us to arrange a warranty repair for you or would like to know more about the process please contact us.

Non-Warranty Repairs

If your product stops working outside of the manufacturer's warranty terms or gets accidentally damaged we offer a paid repair service for cameras and lenses with estimate fees starting at £19.99.

Once the item is received by our Repair Centre they will inspect the unit and contact you with a quote to repair it. From there you can choose whether to go ahead with the repair or have it sent back unrepaired.

If you opt to proceed with a repair the estimate fee will be deducted from the quote in your final repair bill.

If you have an item you'd like us to repair, or advise on, please contact us or visit one of our stores, no appointment necessary!

Sensor Cleaning

Keeping your camera's sensor clean and free of dust or any other marks is essential to capturing perfect images, without the need to go back and edit them out later. If you're noticing recurring dark spots or dots in the same place on your photos there's a good chance your sensor needs a clean. At Camera Centre UK we offer on the day sensor cleaning for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras in-store - no need to book! Costing for full, in-depth sensor cleans is usually £30.00 for APS-C or smaller and £35.00 for Full Frame.