Black Rapid WandeR Lanyard Set 47" Smartphone Tether Bundle

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TetheR-Tab (slides conveniently between your phone and case); and WandeR Lanyard (hooks to the Tab for use around neck); and 3M double-sided tape (optional use with cases that have a large opening at the bottom)

Lanyard 47″ length including hook is 17.5″ laid flat (47″ in a loop). Length can be adjusted smaller using the included 10 mm cam-lock. Black nylon webbing measures 10 mm wide. 10 mm zinc alloy swivel hook allows your phone to be positioned freely.

Universal: This product is designed to work with almost all phone and case combinations while allowing you the option to change cases and still use the system.

Safety: Prevents dropping while exploring or theft when the phone is aorund your neck.

Convenience: The Tether-Tab does not block your charging port, so you can easily charge your phone while using the product.

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