Canon ZoeMini Zink Photo Paper 20 Sheets

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Partner ZINK™ photo paper with Canon Zoemini and transform your mobile phone and tablet snaps into treasured keepsakes, gifts and decorations. Perfectly sized for social media photos, the photo paper's innovative ZINK™ technology produces instant, smudge-free, water and tear- resistant photos with no ink and no fuss, ideal for printing when out and about. Photos can be displayed almost anywhere-peel off the paper's backing to reveal the sticky side and apply to your phone case, laptop or furniture for instant personalisation


Create instant, shareable printouts of your favourite mobile device photos-the 2x3 inch ZINKTM photo paper is the perfect size for social media snaps

Completely compatible with Canon Zoemini, you can capture and print those special moment whenever and wherever you want

Get inspired and showcase your photos wherever you want- try decorating your phone case, laptop, walls or furniture, and put personal stamp on all your belongings

No ink, no fuss. ZINKTM photo paper is covered in micro crystals that react when heated, giving you a picture-perfect photo in moments

Peel off the Zink photo paper backing to reveal the sticky underside and transform your snaps into personalised stickers, ready to share or put on display

Perfectly shareable, you can impress your friends with snaps that are smudge-proof, water and tear resistant, read to put on display.

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