Carl Zeiss Otus 28mm F1.4 Lens - ZE Canon Fit

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With the wide-angle Zeiss Otus 28mm f1.4 lens, users of shorter focal lengths can now also take advantage of the most powerful image quality of the high-end Otus lens family. Whether you are shooting landscape, architecture or interiors, during the day or at night - this lens, thanks to its wide focal length and fast f1.4 maximum aperture will provide you with high resolution and outstanding definition regardless of the situation. A minimum focusing distance of 30cm and uncompromising performance across the entire image field makes this full-frame lens unique and sets new standards among wide-angle focal lengths.

The world's best wide-angle lens.

• 28mm wide-angle prime

• Bright f/1.4 aperture

• Designed for full-frame but also works on APS-C

• Great for landscape, architecture, interior, low-light

• All-metal lens barrel

• 16 lens elements / 13 groups

• T* anti-reflective coating to supress lens flare and ghosting

Astounding detail - right to the edges.

You will particularly appreciate the excellence of the ZEISS Otus 1.4/28 wide-angle lens in landscape and architecture photography when you want to capture every nuance of detail and contrast. The exceptional optical design results in superb flattening of the image field and optimal correction of spherical aberration. Outstanding contrast and saturation ensure that the colours of buildings are perfectly accentuated in your photographs.

Like all focal lengths of the unique ZEISS Otus® family, the Otus 1.4/28 is in a class all of its own. A lens that incorporates the extensive know-how and all the experience of ZEISS. Use the Otus 1.4/28 from ZEISS and experience the quality and look of a medium format lens. Whether you are shooting landscape, architecture or interiors, during the day or at night - this lens will provide you with high resolution and outstanding definition regardless of the situation. It is purely and simply the world's best wide-angle lens. The optical correction of the Otus 1.4/28 prevents practically any aberration you can think of. It will just keep on fascinating you - even after many years of use and also on high-resolution systems.

The ultimate in image contrast

Aberrations caused by extreme differences between shadows and highlights are particularly obvious in images captured at night. Thanks to the outstanding correction of lateral chromatic aberration, the floodlit facade is reproduced with absolute perfection.

The medium format look

Thanks to its exceptional sharpness, the ZEISS Otus exploits the full potentials of contemporary high-resolution sensors and rewards photographers with images characterised by breathtaking rendition of even the finest details.

Aspherical design

The aspherical lens design ensures consistent imaging performance throughout the entire focusing range as well as sharpness to the periphery of the image. The asphere's more complex surface profile can reduce or eliminate spherical aberration and also reduce other optical aberrations compared to a simple lens.


Because this lens is an apochromat, chromatic aberrations (axial chromatic aberations) are corrected with elements of special glass with anomalous partial dispersion. The chromatic aberrations are therefore significantly below the defined limits. Bright-dark transitions in the image, and especially highlights, are reproduced almost completely free of color artifacts.

Virtually distortion-free optics

Dramatic perspectives and a view from extraordinary image angles – ZEISS lenses open up new composition possibilities. Distortion would disrupt the composition because straight lines, whose image does not go through the image center, would be reproduced with a curved shape. This annoying effect is accordingly and largely compensated through elaborate optical designs at all focal lengths.

Lens Type Wide-Angle Prime

Focal length - wide (mm) 28

Focal length - tele (mm) 0

Max aperture - wide 1.4

Max aperture - tele 1.4

Minimum aperture 16.0

Minimum focus distance (m) 0.3

Image stabilisation No

Sensor format Full Frame

Lens mount EF

Lens elements 16

Lens groups 13

Aperture blades 9

Filter thread (mm) 95

Autofocus motor MF

Focus mechanism Manual

MF switch No

Colour Black

Size 152

Weight (g) 1390

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Colour Black
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