Cokin 52mm Nuances Variable Neutral Density Filter ND32-1000 (5-10 stops)

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NUANCES Variable ND32-1000 filters are designed to reduce the amount of light reaching your camera by between 5 and 10 stops, allowing the use of very long shutter speeds or reducing depth-of-field.

They are made from high-resolution mineral glass and use innovative technology: A new coating process ensures a totally uniform density, with a nano-metallic alloy applied on both sides of highly resistant, tempered Schott Glass B270 (renowned for its high transmittance and low reflection). The result is a stunning neutrality, completely free of infrared pollution.

Nuances Variable ND32-1000 filters will catch 5 to 10 f.stops of light, making them ideal for very long-exposure landscape photography and/or depth of field reduction in unpredictable conditions, especially with video shooting.

- Stunning colour neutrality, totally free of infrared pollution

- Reduces light by between 5 and 10 stops

- Tempered, high-resolution Schott B270 glass

- Nano-metallic surface coating for perfectly uniform density

- Stackable without colour cast

- Available in 52mm to 82mm diameters

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