Cokin 62mm Nuances UV Protector Screw on Filter

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Nuances UV Protector filters are ultra thin and lightweight filters. With a thickness of just a few millimetres, they are almost invisible once screwed onto your lens, yet they still allow lens caps to be attached.

They have been developed without compromise and are very robust, having been treated with Everclear 5 surfacing technology to withstand the most extreme conditions. Everclear 5 surfacing technology is a multi-layer coating and the "5" represents the benefits provided by this coating: water repellent, oleophobic, anti-scratch, anti-dust and anti-stain.

The light weight design allows maximum AF lens performance and the ultra-thin profile prevents vignetting. Anti-UV treatment is also used to prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the lens, reducing atmospheric haze generated by this type of light ray and also reducing the possibility of flare or ghosting. Nuances UV Protector filters are made from tough Schott B270i tempered glass, with excellent light transmission and they provide protection against dust or scratches on your front lens element.

- Low profile design - almost invisible once fitted and avoids vignetting

- Light-weight allows maximum AF performance

- L37 anti-UV coating reduces haze from landscapes

- High light transmission

- Resistant to flare and ghosting

- Protects lenses against dust and scratches

- Available in 52mm to 95mm diameters

- Water repellent, oleophobic (avoids finger-prints), anti-scratch, anti-dust and anti-stain

- High resistance tempered glass (Schott B270i)

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