Datacolor Spyder X Elite Monitor Colour Calibrator

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SpyderX Elite is designed for expert and professional photographers and motion imagemakers seeking ultimate control of their colour management workflow. The SpyderX Elite display calibrator offers the first lens-based colour engine of any Spyder product. Years of research and development at Datacolor resulted in a display calibration tool with significantly increased precision, colour accuracy and low light capabilities.

With SpyderX Elite, photographers can be sure that what they see on screen is the most accurate representation of the shot they took, and the print they’ll get. Photographers need the highest level of precision on screen to be truly confident that their work expresses their vision. SpyderX Elite meets these needs with the most extensive selection of colour calibration options including photo, video and prepress standards as well as additional options for matching and tuning multiple displays and projectors. Full-screen before/after function with SpyderProof is also included.

The SpyderX Elite gives photographers confidence and expert control of their creative vision.

Key Features

- Colorimeter with lens-based colour engine for fast and accurate calibration

- Fast & Easy Calibration Modes

- Supports Calibration of Multiple Displays

- Can Adjust for Room Light Changes

- Shows before & after comparison of display calibration

- Offers Basic tools to check the quality of your display

- Unlimited Calibration options (combinations of gamma, white point and brightness)

- All-in-one calibration control panel

- Calibration Targets for Motion Work

- Soft proofing with print output preview

- Calibrates digital projectors

- Defines a studio standard for all displays to be matched (StudioMatch)

- Precisely tune side-by-side displays


Calibrating your monitor to achieve colour precision now takes just a minute or two – several times faster than previous models.


Groundbreaking lens-based colour engine provides a higher level of colour accuracy for multiple monitors (including StudioMatch Assistant to match displays) and projectors. SpyderX Elite features room-light monitoring, automatic profile changing and significantly more precise screen color, shadow detail and white balance.


SpyderX Elite is so intuitive, you don’t have to be a colour expert. It features a step-by-step assistant and expert console, with an all-in-one calibration control panel and unlimited calibration setting choices including TV and video standards.


SpyderProof functionality provides before-and-after evaluation of your display with full-screen images including your own.


SpyderX Elite assures you support for the latest screen types, recent resolutions and gamuts.

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Manufacturer Part Number SXE100
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