Elinchrom D-Lite RX Three Head Kit 4/4/4 To Go Set

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The D-Lite RX range offers unique features and no compromise on quality!

The complete studio lighting solution from Elinchrom!

This set includes everything you need to achieve complete versatility in your studio, from product photography to beautiful headshots, to full-length portraits, to small/medium groups.

Set Contents:

3x D-Lite RX 4 Head

3x Cliplock Stand

1x Portalite 66cm Square Softbox

1x Portalite 56cm Octa Softbox

1x 85cm Translucent Umbrella

1x 85cm Silver Umbrella

2x 16cm Reflector

1x Skyport Plus Transmitter

1x Flash Storage Bag

1x D-Lite Two Head Tube Bag

1x Cliplock Stand Bag

The Elinchrom D-Lite RX Three Head Set incorporates a 66cm Square Portalite Softboxes for soft controlled light, a 56cm Octa Portalite that doubles up as a beauty dish, and two Elinchrom 85cm Umbrellas for mid-crisp shadow effects (Silver) or a soft, but wide light source (Translucent).

Take full control of your Elinchrom Heads with the included Skyport Plus Transmitter. A strong and robust design enables you to simply trigger and adjust flash power at up to 200 m (656 feet) away. Optimise reception on the AA battery-powered Transmitter using the swivel function. Inbuilt receivers in the D-Lite RX Heads allow you to adjust the flash power settings, modelling bulb settings, group settings, and much more from the Transmitter on the hotshoe of your camera. (See "Skyport Features" below for more info).

Need to transport your Elinchrom 3 Head Kit? Complete flexibility is the aim of the game. This kit includes both an Elinchrom D-Lite RX Tube bag (ELIN012) and an Elinchrom Flash Storage Bag (ELIN657), giving you the space to hold up to four Elinchrom flash heads or three heads with space left over for accessories. Both cases are lightweight making them perfect for transporting and will fit neatly in the boot of a car. The Clip Lock Stand Bag provided will safely store all three of your stands.

D-Lite RX Features:

Perfect for both portraiture and product photography.

Available as a more powerful 400Ws head. Or with 200Ws, but a faster flash duration of up to 1/1700s.

Built-in EL-Skyport receiver for triggering.

EL-Skyport with 8 Frequency Channels with 4 Groups.

EL-Skyport Speed Sync mode for synchronization up to a 1/320 s on enabled SLR cameras.

Pre-flash detector system to enable the use of D-Lite RX with speedlights.

Visual Flash Confirmation option. The modelling lamp comes on to confirm the flash has been triggered.

Proportionality adjustment of the modelling lamp range.

Variable f-stop steps: 1/1, ½, 4/10, 1/3, 2/10 or 1/10 steps are available.

Programmable ready beep function.

Power Auto-dump.

5V sync socket for maximum protection of digital cameras.

Automatic temperature controlled ventilation.

Multi-voltage auto-detection: 90-270 V (excluding modelling lamp).

Lightweight and strong housing. Robust, functional and elegant.

The accessory bayonet accepts all accessories and Rotalux softboxes up to 135 cm.

Rubberised large handle with spare fuse storage.

Stand bracket with extra umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts.

Skyport Features:

Trigger reliably and adjust flash power up to 200 m (656 feet) away.

Optimize reception by rotating the transmitter.

16 different channels (8 in normal mode and 8 in speed mode) are available - 6 for legacy units and 10 for newer units such as ELC Pro HD and ELB 400.

The flash power per group can be quickly increased or decreased.

Runs on AA batteries (not included), available everywhere.

Simple to use. All functionalities can be easily adjusted.

Durable with robust mechanics thanks to its Swiss design.

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