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Frio Universal Locking Cold Shoe

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Product Description

Cold shoe adapters have seemingly been around forever but enlight photo decided to take a hard look at the design to rethink and enhance it to its maximum potential with the frio Universal Locking Cold Shoe V2. First they reduced the weight by using a strong polymer. That solved inadvertent flash firing from metal on metal shorting as well.

The frio's patented DualLock system ensures that your valuable equipment is securely mounted. The patented DualThread receiver on the bottom of the frio accepts both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 stand and accessory screws. There's a lanyard tip to hang your radio receiver from, too.

Key Features:

Mount anything with a hotshoe; your flash, light panel or hot shoe mic to any tripod and many light stands

Features a universal standard 1/4"-20 / 3/8"-16 thread

Patent-pending DualLock security

Whatever you fit to your frio stays put and comes off in an instant when you're done

Safe and secure SlipNClick technology confirms that you're securely mounted

Universal locking pin cavity so your flash's lock works too

Compact and lightweight, it takes up negligible space in your bag

Handy lanyard point to hang your radio slaves or any other accessory with a lanyard     

Manufacturer Frio

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