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Hähnel Captur Remote Kit contains 1 Remote Shutter release / Remote control for DSLR Flash gun model and the Captur Wireless Time Remote unit, offering a full ready to use kit. The Kit contains the release cables required for the selected brand but additional cable packs can be purchased to adapt the kit to other camera brands, there are 5 different camera brand kits. The remote is powered by AA by popular demand offering easy power, DCM Digital Channel Matching means there's no pairing, the receivers instantly match and operate over 2.4ghz upto 100m ! Additional receivers can be purchased and added to your kit for multiple fire capturing. Timer Remote ideal for time-lapse photography. Whether it's a blooming flower, changing landscapes, the options are endless the remotes are fully programmable timed sequence of delay timer, interval timer, exposure count and exposure length setting making the captur one of the most comprehensive available on the market today.

Ideal for time-lapse photography

Time Lapse & Bulb Exposures

Single / Continuous / Bulb Modes

Two Timing Sequences

Connect to camera with connector cables supplied

DCM - Digital Channel Matching

AA Battery Powered

100m Range

Additional receivers available to fire multiple DSLR's

Can be integrated with other Captur Modules

Larger easy to read LCD

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