Hoya 52mm HMC UV Filter & Slim Circular Polariser Filter Twin Kit

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This twin filter kit consists of:

•1 x 52mm Hoya Multi-Coated UV Filter - UV(C) HMC

•1 x 52mm Hoya Circular Polariser Filter - CIR-PL Slim

Hoya UV(C) HMC Filter:

•High quality filter used to cut out UV rays ensuring greater sharpness and clarity can be achieved without affecting balance of colours.

•Constructed from heat-resistant glass to create clear and smooth imagery.

•Designed to enhance modern, multi-coated lens performance.

•Slim profile of filter enables it to be kept on the lens at all time with minimal addition to lens profile.

•Flare, ghosting and reflection minimised by HMC hard-coated multicoating process. Light transmission increased.

Hoya CIR-PL Circular Polarising Filter:

•Takes away reflections from non-metallic surfaces - such as water or glass.

•Allows for creative outdoor images with dramatic bluer skies and contrasting clouds.

•Colour saturation without changing colour balance.

•Rotatable mount to control the level of effect.

•Ideal for use with autofocus and digital cameras.

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