K&F Concept 58mm Variable ND Filter ND2-ND400 Adjustable Fader

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Neutral density can be adjusted from ND2 to ND400, Reduces the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color.

Have Control of Any Lighting Environment.

Allows slow shutter speed in strong sunlight.

Allows wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field. --Suitable for dynamic screen, waterfalls, streams, waves, etc.

Slim Adjustable Filter--- Use high-quality materials and superb technology

The ND filter uses Japanese optical glass

The glass adopts high-pressure stamping technology.

Coated with blue film to ensure that the lens will not fog and mold

Filter frame adopts super aviation aluminum alloy, avoid vignetting, exquisite manufacturing of matt paint


With one single filter you can create different densities by rotating the filter in the same way as using a Polarising Filter.

ND2- ND400 Adjustable

It allows you to have continuous control over the amount of light coming through your lens in an approximate range of 2 (ND 0.6) to 8 (ND 2.4) stops

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