Kenro Standard Speedflash Flash Gun for Canon and Nikon Cameras

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With both Canon and Nikon TTL compatibility, the Kenro KFL101 Speedflash boasts a wide range of features including a powerful Guide No of 58 (ISO100, 180mm), high speed synchronisation, S1 and S2 slave functions, fast recycle time, auto-zoom, manual zoom and a built-in diffusor. A large LCD screen with backlight option makes operation quick and easy.

Key Features:

Dual Compatibility with Canon and Nikon on the same flashgun

Wireless master E-TTL and i-TTL modes

Auto mode (TTL, E-TTL, i-TTL), manual mode (M) stroboscopic mode (multi)

GN58 at 100mm / operates with 4 AA batteries

Focal Length range coverage of 18 - 180mm (Auto Adjusts)

Flash re-cycle time 2.3 seconds

Professional flash head design, rotates 180 ° horizontally & tilts 90° for bounce flash

Supports high speed synch (up to 1/8000th sec, shutter speed) and features Wireless TTL

Built-in angle diffusor and reflection card

Backlit screen

Hotshoe, PC sync, external DC power supply

Weight 460 gm

Protective bag, diffuser and micro base


Circuit design: Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)

Guide number: 58 (ISO100, 180mm)

Flash coverage: Manual / automatic zoom 18-180mm

Flash head rotates to achieve bounced / reflected flash and greater coverage

Flash modes: Automatic mode (TTL, E-TTL, i-TTL), manual mode (M), stroboscopic mode (multi), LED lighting, Canon / Nikon master, slave light (SLAVE c, SLAVE n, S1, S2), surrounded by flash exposure (FEB)

Wireless trigger: Light pulse, induction flash light

Wireless flash distance: Indoor 20-30m, outdoor 10-15m

Wireless connections: 4 communication channels (1, 2, 3, 4) and 3 SLAVE unit groups (A, B, C)

Rotation angle: Up - 90 degrees

Down - 7 degrees

Left and right - 180 degrees

Colour temperature: 5500K

Flash time: 1/200s - 1/20000s

Manual flash control: 1/128 - 1/1 step 0.3 EV

External connections: Hotshoe, PC sync, external DC power supply

Recycle time: 2.3 seconds

Power supply: 4 AA batteries

Additional features: Power saving mode, overheating protection

Size: 7 x 6.5 x 20cm

Net weight: 460g

Package contains: Flashgun, protective bag, flash stand, softbox, user manual

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