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  1. ZEISS Batis Lenses
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  1. 2(1)
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ZEISS Batis Lenses

Create your art with cutting-edge science.

The ZEISS Batis lens family for Sony's E-mount camera series

Photography is the art of capturing time and space – the creation of breathtaking pictures, with the perfect look. With ZEISS Batis Lenses, everything comes together: true color, sharpness down to the last detail and state-of-the-art optical design that ensures an outstanding bokeh. Art and science in unison – that's what we call the ZEISS Look.

The ZEISS look is created from a long list of technical features. Even at full aperture, the lens permits crisp sharpness across the entire focus range and right into the edges of an image. True colors are ensured by the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating and a selection of high-transmission lenses. What’s more, the harmonious bokeh combined with exceptional image definition ensures the ZEISS 3D pop effect and thus a great visual impact.ZEISS Batis lenses are compatible with the Sony A7 and A9 series. These lightweight, premium-quality and compact fixed focal lengths are the perfect accompaniment to your creative projects.

ZEISS Contrast

High micro contrast across the entire image field. For exceptionally crisp shots. Imagine a photo that not only tells a story but also reveals many important details at the same time. A crisp original image is superior to a shot that is enhanced later on. Any post processing you choose to add to your imagery will only be enhanced by the contrast captured by the ZEISS Batis lens. The high-quality ZEISS Batis fixed focal lengths ensure an exceptionally high level of definition – not only in the center of the image, but right into the edges – even at open aperture. The basis for such outstanding results is an elaborate optical design, premium-quality lens components and a precise mechanical design with low serial dispersion.


Achieve harmonious bokeh thanks to excellent optical design. For subjects that are as real as life itself. Some subjects have a way of effectively catching a photographer’s eye. The ZEISS Batis lenses help photos convey the feeling that the areas in focus appear almost separate to the rest of the image. At wide-open aperture, they create the magical ZEISS 3D pop effect and deliver a harmonious bokeh for great visual impact. Our brilliant optical design provides a rapid transition from the area of focus to create a perfect distinction between your main subject and the surrounding environment. Even in images with highlights in front of or behind the subject, chaotic background and/or strong bright-dark contrasts, the ZEISS Batis lenses allow you to achieve truly impressive photographs.

ZEISS Colour

High-transmission lenses combined with the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating. For an explosion of color in every detail. Impressive subjects and perfect moments can occur all over the world at any time during the day or night. But no matter whether a photo is taken spontaneously or it took plenty of time and effort to find just the right subject, the photograph must always be able to do one thing: convey emotions. True, clear and natural colors are essential. Experience colors and local flavor and capture moments for all eternity – the ZEISS Batis lenses make it so easy. The combination of the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating and high-transmission lenses ensures that the true colors are preserved as well as possible and not compromised.

Did you know...

• ZEISS has more than 125 years of experience in lens manufacturing.

 The impressive photos taken during space missions like the Apollo 11 moon landing were captured with ZEISS lenses.

• With the help of ZEISS Medical Technology, the company is combating cataracts, the world's most common cause of blindness.

• Many award-winning movies were filmed using ZEISS lenses, including Lord of the Rings and Blade Runner 2049.

• Each year, ZEISS invests about 11% of its sales revenue into Research & Development.