NanGuang MixPad 32 On-Camera LED Video Panel Light

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This on-camera LED light pad combines compact design and impressive brightness with a host of essential high-end features, providing up to 765 LM illumination with brightness, colour temperature and diffusion all being adjustable via easily accessible controls on the back of the unit. Designed with a built-in cold shoe for ease of camera mounting and a screw thread for mounting on a light stand, this versatile little unit is a great option to provide fill light, lift shadows, provide flicker-free lighting for slow motion video, light faces for interviews or vlogs, or for product, portrait or close-up photography.

Brightness is adjustable 0-100%, and colour temperature is adjustable 5600-3200K. An LCD display panel on the back of the light shows the colour temperature and light level information, allowing you to make precision adjustments and making it easy to recreate your lighting set up in future if you need to.

This innovative light panel can be switched between hard and soft lighting, with a built-in diffusor that can be enabled or disabled at the touch of a button. Whether you need strong, hard lighting or gentle, diffused lighting, you can do it all in one unit with no additional accessories. What’s more, this light has an ultra-low flicker rate, making it ideal for slow motion video.

Battery or mains powered, it operates from rechargeable Sony NP-F / NP-FM series batteries (not included) or a mains adapter (available separately). Other manufacturers’ batteries can be used with adapter plates (not included). A battery power indicator is also built-in.


At the touch of a button, you can switch between strong, hard lighting or gentle, soft diffused lighting with no need for additional accessories.


Colour temperature is adjustable 5600K to 3200K, and brightness is adjustable 0-100% using the controls on the back of the light. Settings are shown on the LCD display panel for precision adjustments, making it easy for you to exactly recreate that lighting set up in future.


Designed to be mounted on a camera shoe or a light stand, this versatile unit can be powered by AC adapter (available separately), or by one Sony NP-F / NP-FM type battery (not included).


At just 32mm thick and weighing in at 249g, this 765 LM light panel combines impressive brightness with a compact package.


This pad light has an ultra-low flicker rate, making it perfect for slow motion video

Technical Info:

Number of LEDs: 328

Average LED life: 50,000 hours

Power Source: Sony NP-FM, NP-F battery Series (batteries not included)

Power: 32 Watts with stepless dimmer adjustment

Illumination: 765 LM

Colour temperature: stepless control 5600K - 3200K

CRI: 95

Dimensions: 145 x 150 x 32mm

Weight: approx 249g

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