Nikon Zf Digital Mirrorless Camera with 24-70mm Lens

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Inspired by the iconic FM2, the full-frame FX format Nikon Zf mirrorless camera combines heritage design with advanced technology and superior performance.

Equipped with the same EXPEED 7 image processing engine as the Nikon Z9, the Zf enables advanced still image and video recording. Providing both style and substance, it features cutting edge technology, including exceptional AF and VR performance, resulting in a camera looks as good as it performs in the hands of creators and photographers alike.


Heritage design inspired by the iconic FM2

The influence of Nikon’s heritage is clear in the detail when it comes to the Zf. The retro-inspired look mirrors the iconic FM2, as does the adoption of the dials, shutter-release button, and the addition of Nikon’s logo from the 1970s. All the dials are made of brass – ensuring a premium, high-quality feel.


True full-frame power. Pure creativity

The Zf’s analogue looks and control dials might remind you of 35mm SLR cameras from back then, but this full-frame mirrorless camera is powered for now—and ready to meet your creative needs. The 24.5 MP full-frame CMOS sensor combines with the EXPEED 7 engine and the light-gathering advantages of the wider Z mount to give you more freedom to create. Sharpness, contrast, colour accuracy, dynamic range, focus precision, low-light performance—you get the tools you need to craft your unique style. Used in Nikon’s professional Z8 and Z9 cameras, EXPEED 7 keeps every element of the camera working synchronously. It drives the deep-learning AF algorithms that let the Zf detect and track more subjects than any other mirrorless system camera. It’s the fuel behind the camera’s supercharged 8.0-stop Vibration Reduction. EXPEED 7 is also the reason the sensor can deliver such clean, noise-free images at high ISO values. For stills, the Z f gives you a native ISO range of 100-64000 (expandable to 204800 in Hi 1.7 mode). When shooting video, maximum native ISO is 51200 (expandable to 204800 in Hi 2 mode). Whether you’re shooting after hours and in less-than-ideal lighting, or you want to nail detailed images under bright sunlight. You’ll get your shot.


Revolutionary stability with supercharged VR

You have never seen Vibration Reduction (VR) like this before. The Zf’s supercharged VR system keeps any shot steady—thanks to an incredible 8.0 stops of 5-axis in-camera image stabilisation and the world’s first Focus Point VR. For stills, Focus Point VR gives you truly revolutionary control over the sharpest point in your frame. Instead of simply stabilising the centre of the image, the VR system targets your active focus point. Whether you’re composing a shot with a point of focus at the far edge of the frame, or tracking a fast-moving subject, you’ll attain rock-solid clarity where it counts. For video, you can combine the in-camera sensor-shift VR with electronic VR. You’ll be able to nail smooth handheld walking shots and, if you’re using a NIKKOR Z wide-angle lens, any trapezoid distortion is corrected. Stills or video, in-camera VR is great for stabilising prime lenses. You can even attach your prized vintage NIKKOR F-Mount lenses and shoot with all the benefits of the Zf’s powerful 8.0-stop VR, with no loss of image quality.


Subject detection even in manual focus

Thanks to the power of EXPEED 7 and deep-learning technology, this full-frame mirrorless camera brings you the ultimate manual-focus assist: subject detection. If you engage subject detection while shooting in manual focus (MF), the Zf will recognise your subject and automatically move the focus point to it. It’s a real time-saver if you’re shooting portraits of people, animals, or birds, because you can rely on the camera to move the focus point to the face or the eye. Leaving you free to concentrate on the composition. Subject detection in MF works whether you’re shooting through the viewfinder or on the monitor. And you can use it when shooting with vintage F-mount lenses too.


Fully rotating vari-angle monitor

The first fully rotatable touchscreen vari-angle monitor in a full-frame Nikon Z camera makes it easy to shoot from any angle while maintaining a clear view of the frame. Plus, you get a whole new way to assign shooting functions with Touch Fn. Touch FN lets you assign key controls to nine customisable areas on the bright, high-res touchscreen. It’s a flexible and intuitive way to operate the camera: you only need to tap on an area to move your focus point, switch between your subjects’ eyes, select grid displays, activate a virtual horizon, and more. With Touch FN activated, you can even be looking through the viewfinder to compose your image while using your thumb to specify the focus on the monitor. Monitor or viewfinder, however you choose to shoot, operation is smooth. If you turn the camera to shoot vertically, on-screen menus and controls rotate to a vertical orientation. And the camera automatically enters portrait mode if you turn the monitor towards yourself.


Achieve jaw-dropping detail with pixel shift

For the first time in a Nikon Z camera, Pixel Shift lets you combine up to 32 shots to create meticulously detailed, ultra-high-resolution images with spectacular colour reproduction. It’s ideal for shooting in controlled studio environments—or any scene where your subject is absolutely still. Choose a shift of one pixel to merge four or eight shots into a 24 MP RAW image, equivalent in size to four RAW frames. Or shift 0.5 pixels to merge 16 or 32 shots and create a RAW image that boosts resolution up to an awe-inspiring 96 MP, with a maximum image size equivalent to 16 RAW frames. When you merge eight or 32 shots, moiré, false colour, and noise are all dramatically reduced. Combined with the prowess of the Zf’s pin-sharp focusing system, results from Pixel Shift shooting are astonishing. From stunning to incredible—there’s really no in-between.


New functions that expand the possibilities for image expression

In addition to the conventional monochrome Picture Control, the Zf has been equipped with two new Picture Controls: flat monochrome and deep tone monochrome. A dedicated black and white position has been added to the photo and video selector to enable immediate switching between controls. The camera is also equipped with a variety of other inspiring functions and features, including Creative Picture Controls and pixel-shift shooting – a feature that the Zf is the first to support.


Enhanced video performance for diverse needs

The Zf offers some exciting video features too, including in-camera 10-bit H.265 recording, as well as being capable of recording up to 125 min of 4K UHD. Further functions have been inherited from the Z9, including the ability to adjust ISO sensitivity in steps of 1/6 EV and the display of a red frame during video recording.


NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens

Included with the camera body is the standard zoom NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens, which covers a wide-angle to portrait-length range and features a constant f/4 maximum aperture. The optical design incorporates one aspherical element as well as a unique aspherical extra-low dispersion element; both of which help to greatly reduce a variety of aberrations and distortion for high sharpness and accurate colour rendering. A Nano Crystal Coating is also used to control flare and ghosting for increased contrast in strong lighting conditions. Suiting both photo and video applications, a stepping AF motor is also featured for smooth, near-silent autofocus performance.


Additional Features

- The first Nikon camera to support video recording in shutter-priority auto mode. When this mode is selected, the user selects the shutter speed, and the camera adjusts the aperture

- 3D-tracking (photo mode only) and Subject-tracking AF (video mode only) have been added to AF-area mode options

- Pixels used to create images and those used for AF achieve the optimal exposure for each process, making it easier to focus on the intended subject, even when that subject is silhouetted against backlighting or the scene is dimly lit or dark

- The range of coverage and number of focus points used in auto-area AF mode have been increased for better focus acquisition performance with distant or moving subjects

- Options available for custom wide-area AF mode have been increased, improving effectiveness for scenes with multiple subjects

- Adoption of the EXPEED 7 image-processing engine reduces noise in flat portions of subjects and increases image quality

- The first full-frame Z-series mirrorless camera to be equipped with a vari-angle monitor

- Vertical-orientation image playback and menu display during playback provide efficient support for vertical shooting

- The first Z-series camera to support Touch Fn for adjustment of camera settings while framing pictures in the viewfinder

- The high processing ability of the EXPEED 7 image-processing engine enables High-Speed Frame Capture+ (C30), which achieves high-speed continuous shooting at up to 30 fps

- Equipped with a Pre-Release Capture function capable of recording images buffered up to one second before the shutter-release button is fully pressed

- Provides a skin softening function and a portrait impression balance function for users to better achieve the portraits they intended

- Features a Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control that better captures details of the subject’s complexion

- Utilises deep learning technology to identify the scene when capturing still images in auto shooting mode, realising optimal exposure control in accordance with the scene

- Superior dust- and drip-resistance enables worry-free shooting, even in harsh environments

- Equipped with two memory card slots, one supporting SD cards and the other Micro SD cards

- Dual coating has been adopted to protect the image sensor from dust

- Supports the merging of NEF (RAW) images shot with pixel shift shooting, with use of NX Studio Ver.1.5.0. The functions of Picture Control Utility 2 have been consolidated so that adjustment, application, and management of Picture Control can be completed within one app

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