OP/TECH Magnetic QD System Connectors

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OP/TECH USA's System Connector™–Magnetic QD is the perfect solution for photographers who want to keep a lens cap or other accessory readily at hand. It easily connects into our ¾” quick disconnect located on many OP/TECH USA straps and harnesses. The rugged quick disconnect easily snaps between the strap pad and main strap. It offers a strong nickel-plated rare-earth magnet (stronger than regular magnets) to securely hold your equipment. It comes with three mating magnets with a self-adhesive side that can be applied to lens caps, lens mount caps, loupes, electronic viewfinders, small flash units or whatever else you might want to keep ready for immediate retrieval. Since the hold is magnetic, the System Connector ™–Magnetic QD is ideal for use while wearing gloves in inclement weather; no more fumbling with latches or lanyards! Add one to your OP/TECH USA strap today and never misplace your lens cap again!

- Offers a convenient way to carry a lens cap, small flash unit or other small accessories directly on your OP/TECH USA strap or harness

- Attaches quickly into our 3/4" quick disconnect located on many OP/TECH USA straps and harnesses

- Incorporates a rare-earth magnet that strongly adheres to the mating magnets provided for your accessories

- Includes a 3/4" (1.91cm) Magnetic QD and three self-adhesive magnets measuring 1/2" (1.27cm) used for attaching to your gear. The Magnetic QD will add 1" (2.54cm) to your strap length.

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