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Optical Vision Lunar and Planetary Filter Set 1.25 inch for Telescope

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Enhance your viewing of the planets and the moon. Even a 3/4 moon can reflect enough light to strain the eyes, so the use of a moon filter helps to reduce the incoming light and will even improve the contrast. The coloured filters are matched to help improve the viewing of a number of the Planets, and even comets.

Optical Vision Lunar/Planetary Filter Set Features:

Comprises of 4 high quality glass colour filters. Orange 21, Blue 80A, Yellow 56 and a Moon/Neutral Density Filter. (Image is for illustrative purposes only)

These filters will fit most internally-threaded eyepiece barrels of 1.25"/31.7mm format.

Supplied in attractive foam-lined plastic screw top storage case

Manufacturer Optical Vision

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