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Peli 1510 Case With Foam Watertight, Dustproof and Crushproof

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If you want your kit to be safe from the elements and rough handling, and secure, then a Peli case is an excellent investment. Used extensively in industry and by emergency services for the portage of critical equipment (Medical equipment, scientific measuring devices, firearms, et cetera) in extreme conditions, Peli have a reputation for being the industry-standard secure freight solution. The 1510 Case is the maximum size permitted as a "carry on hand baggage" by most airlines and allows the user to securely protect, and easily carry, valuable belongings (computers, photo equipment/film, electronic devices) while traveling.



Fully waterproof.

Buoyancy maximum 29.10kg.

Certificate IP67, Stanag 4280, Defstan 81-41

One front and one side folding front handle with non-slip overmoulded cushion grip.

Extendable handle with exterior mounted urethane wheels.

Pressure equalising valve.

Manufacturer Peli
Type Waterproof/Hard Case
Colour Black

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