Permajet Digital Transfer Film 165U A3 - 10 Sheets (52121)

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This is the PermaJet Digital Transfer Film A3 Pack 10

PermaJet Digital Transfer Film is coated with a transparent layer of ultra fine ceramic particles which form a vast number of regular shaped pores enabling the ink to be absorbed more evenly and faster to produce a negative or positive transparency with density and a good tonal range.

Product Handling

Avoid touching the surface, hold by edges and keep away from moisture, high humidity and direct sunlight. While the material is fast drying, should you need to stack the film after printing allow sufficient time for the ink to dry before stacking. If you require to stack faster then make sure you put an interleaving sheet of ordinary copier paper between.

Printing Side

The printing side is facing you when you hold the film with the short edges top and bottom. Remember not to get finger marks on the film!

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