Polar Pro LiteChaser iPhone 11 Essential Kit

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This set consists of a protective case with its handle. These are the two most important accessories of the entire PolarPro LiteChaser Pro range. The handle has been specially designed to be attached to the flexible black case and can be attached to four positions.

The handle gives you much more control over your iPhone 11 when you take pictures of it, whether in landscape or portrait orientation. Moreover, the handle has a 1/4-inch thread on both ends, which can even be screwed onto a tripod. In addition, only the case will enable you to upgrade your iPhone 11 with PolarPro's LiteChaser Pro Series filters. PolarPro has also designed it as a perfect filter holder.

The flexible black case has a hard protective edge that can mitigate some impact. Together with the handle, it forms the basis of the PolarPro LiteChaser Pro series. They are the most important parts of this series. With the special handle, you can attach it in four places of the case, you have significantly more control over the iPhone 11, both in landscape and portrait format. A 1/4-inch thread on the ends of the handle even allows attachment to a tripod. The case also has more than just one function: it also serves as a holder for the high-quality filters of the PolarPro LiteChaser Pro series.

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