Polaroid Cloth Diffuser Set (4 Colours)

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Polaroid Cloth Diffuser Set (4 Colours)

"The Polaroid Universal Color Cloth Diffuser is designed to increase the quality of light from your shoe mounted flash unit. As good as your flash is its ability to duplicate the color and brightness level of the sun or any light source means that the subjects in the scene are always struck with ultra-bright, ultra focused light. That leaves noticeable shadows on the wall and objects behind the subject. It is the number one cause of red eye. In a portrait, the flash will produce unattractive shadows on a person?s face caused by naturals, raised features like the lips, nose and eye sockets. To reduce annoying shadows, the light leaving the flash needs to be unfocussed, scattered in many directions and softened, And that?s what the Polaroid Cloth Diffuser does. Attach it by stretching the elastic banding around the front of your flash unit. That?s it! You can use it with the flash in the vertical or horizontal position. The Diffuser folds flat to conveniently fit in your gear bag. Four Color Diffusers are included for Maximum effect and Possibilities (Soft White, Royal Blue, Rich Red, Warming)"


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