Pulsar Digex C50 Digital Colour Night Vision Rifle Scope - With WiFi

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The new Pulsar Digex C50 with Wifi and IR illuminator, is a full colour digital day scope which switches to night vision, allowing 24/7 hunting day or night with crisp clear image quality, traditional day scope aesthetics and ultra high performance Pulsar reliability and design.

With up to 550m detection from the 1928x1088 HD sensor, the Pulsar Digex C50 provides an uncompromised day and night vermin control solution for air rifles through to centrefire.

Available as an option with the X850S Digex IR, a high power 850nm (eyesafe) LED IR illuminator with spot and power level adjustment which offers increased infrared optical power of up to 800mW

The Pulsar Digex C50 offers visual aesthetics on any hunting rifle, from the outside it resembles a classic day scope in a 30mm housing. This form factor provides flexibility for mounting the scope on hunting rifles using proven 30mm ring mounts, and maintaining a traditional day scope look and feel.

The Digex has the best sensitivity in its class for infrared spectrum (night time sensitivity) including a wavelength range of 900-950nm. It is highly effective when paired with invisible IR illuminators, this makes the Digex C50 the perfect tool for fox and vermin control with a detection range of up to 550m.

Powered by two rechargeable batteries Digex C50 guarantees a run time of up to 10hrs, with the ability to quickly change the turret battery for those extended nights hunting.

Five Shooting Profiles, 50 zeroing distances

The Digex C50 offers a choice of ten different reticles that vary in colour, configuration, and function – direct shot and ballistic, scalable (FFP) and non-scalable (SFP). Zeroing results are stored in five shooting profiles. Each profile can hold up to 10 zeroing distances.

High Precision Aiming with Picture in Picture mode

The “Picture-in-picture” function enables the shooter to display a high-precision aiming frame. Occupying only 10% of the total display area, the frame contains an enlarged image of the target and a reticle, which provides the user with a more detailed image of the aiming area and gives visual control of the entire field of view.

Variable Mag 3.5x to 14x

The base magnification of Digex C50 riflescopes increases fourfold – 3.5x to 14x. The zoom changes either gradually in 2x step or continuously to set the ideal ratio of magnification and visible field of view for specific conditions. The high resolution sensor guarantees the possibility of accurate aiming and long-range shots over the entire magnification range – the level of detail is sustained even at maximum magnification.

Stream Vision Integrated Video Recording

Upgrade usual night video recording to the new experience of full-Colour recordings for day and night hunts. All it takes to take a photo or start recording is a touch of a button. Share footage or view the device live on your smartphone using Wifi.



Black & White & Full Colour image display

Removable eye-safe 850nm IR illuminator with independent APS2 battery (PUL-76635-L)

-25°C to 50°C Operating temperature

Mounts using standard 30mm scope rings

5 Zeroing profiles (50 distances)

One-Shot zeroing

16GB Internal Memory

Picture-in-Picture mode

3-Axis gyroscope & accelerometer

50mm Eye-Relief

Dual battery system - Built-In APS3 battery & a quick-change rechargeable APS2 battery

IR version comes with 2x APS2 batteries and charger

Non-IR version comes with 1x APS2 battery and charger

Stream Vision 2 compatible

10 Reticles (9 Colours)

Three Scalable ballistic reticles

Instant start-up

Stadiametric rangefinder

IPX7 Waterproof

Built-In photo & video recorder (with sound)

Metal Body

Recoil rated up to .375 cal.

Side incline indication (Cant)

One shot zeroing function

' Freeze Zeroing ' function

Precise ' Zoom zeroing ' function


Wide-angle eyepiece with removable Eye Cup with Magnet Ring

Mounts using standard 30mm day scope rings

Automatic shutdown (customisable time)

Auto-Exposure Adjustment

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Manufacturer Part Number PUL-76635
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