Rotolight Parabolic Softbox 120cm with Bowens S Mount Adapter Bundle - RL-R120-CB

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Useful for portraits and interview settings, the R120 Parabolic softbox from Rotolight is a 16-sided light-shaper that measures 120cm. It offers focused, soft output with a punchy, crisp edge that lends dimension and detail to your subject as well as natural-looking catchlights in their eyes.

The unique depth of the modifier renders significant falloff at the field edge and therefore an enhanced degree of directional control, decreased spill light, and easy feathering. The Parabolic softbox comes with removable outer and inner diffusers that can be used together, one at a time to create a 2 stops diffusion level, or not at all to achieve different levels of contrast. The diffuser panels are made from state of the art advanced diffuser materials to offer minimal pass through light loss. A high-quality, 40-degree fabric Honeycomb Grid is also included, allowing users to fine-tune soft light in any indoor or outdoor shooting scenario.

The Rotolight R120’s innovative quick-release system allows users to set up the softbox in a matter of seconds, saving time on shoot. Constructed of tough, long-lasting fabric, the R120 is designed to last, featuring high quality pocketed steel tension rods for long operational life and simple.

Together with the Rotolight Bowens S Mount Adapter (Included in this bundle) you are able to mount your AEOS, AEOSII and NEO3 in the softbox itself. A sturdy carrying bag is included for storage and transport.

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Manufacturer Part Number RL-R120-CB
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