Sony FX30 Cinema Line Digital Video Camera Body with XLR Handle

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Leap into the world of filmmaking with the FX30 Cinema Line camera. The ILME-FX30 provides smooth entry to the creative Cinema Line world. It includes the coveted S-Cinetone™ look provided by high-end Cinema Line models, high dynamic range with S-Log3, Dual Base ISO, Cine EI mode, a top handle, threaded accessory attachment points, tally lamps and other workflow enhancing details that put it in the same category as other Cinema Line models in terms of operability, functionality, and design. It also features RAW output and time code synchronisation functionality that makes it highly expandable. Combined with the comprehensive selection of E-mount lenses, high-performance audio solutions, and other essential components gives creators extraordinarily flexible systems for a broad range of creative needs.

Creators who start with the ILME-FX30 will easily advance through the Cinema Line as their skills grow, and the ILME-FX30 will continue to work effectively alongside high-end Cinema Line cameras in just about any production scenario.



Offering advanced performance and functionality for a truly high quality cinematic expression. Sony's industry leading image sensor technology achieves high sensitivity, low noise and wide dynamic latitude, delivering 4K Super 35 resolution for impressive image qualty. The ILME-FX30 includes S-Cinetone™ inhereted from digital cinema cameras such as Sony's VENICE 2, delivering natural mid-tones, plus soft colours and gorgeous highlights that are essential to cinematic expression. Three modes are provided for recording with the S-Log3 gamma curve providing smooth cinematic colour grading. Imported custom assignment LUTs can be recorded to minimise post-production colour grading. Dual Base ISO (800 / 2500) allows for shoting top-quality images in different light situations.



The ILME-FX30 offers a highly dependable and accurate autofocus performance with a wide-area tracking across the whole frame. Maintaining focus on the subject is made easy with real-time eye AF that follows the face and eyes (human and animal). Focus is precisely and smoothly maintained over a wide area even when using a narrow depth of field or tracking fast-moving subjects with Sony's unique AI-based real time tracking. Stable AF and flexible focusing are available for a wide range of shooting situations. AF Assist, Focus Map, and Breathing Compensation are great support functions.



The new ILME-FX30 comes in a compact and lightweight form designed for mobility and efficiency. The body features five thread holes for accessories that eliminates the need for a cage, while the addition of the XLR handle provides optimum flexibility, stability, and comfort for extended handheld shooting sessions. The integrated stabilisation keeps the whole setup very mobile, which can support challenging shooting situations without using a gimbal.



Quickly access your favourite items with the new main menu. Focus on composition and framing with the optimised standby mode for movie recording. Recording lamps and emphasised record displays allow for clear confirmation when recording is in progress. The Flexible high-resolution touch-panel LCD monitor enables broad positioning and framing freedom for gimbal-mounted shots. The zoom lever controls compatible powered zoom lenses and allows Clear Image Zoom to be used with unpowered zoom and prime lenses with great image quality. Auto & Manual modes for iris, shutter speed, and ISO to be set independently for a flexible exposure mode. Vertical aspect markers available to check framing in horizontal orientation.



The two XLR audio inputs enable high-quality audio recording. With an optional XLR microphone, digital audio data can be directly transferred to the camera for outstanding audio quality with a very clean audio signal. Other connectors include USB Type-C®, Multi/micro-USB, mic, headphone, and a Multi Interface Shoe with built-in digital audio interface. All this connectivity provides broad expandability for a wide range of shooting needs. The ILME-FX30 also supports UVC (USB Video Class) and UAC (USB Audio Class) standards and can be connected to a compatible device via USB to serve as a high-performance webcam.



A comprehensive selection of E-mount lenses gives creators extraordinarily flexibility for a broad range of creative intentions. Incorporating Super 35 sensor and Sony’s E-mount lens to a remote camera provides a new world of impressive and cinematic expression like breathtaking sharpness and bokeh for contents creation. Only native Sony lenses will give you 100% of the performance of the camera and will not limit your creativity. A stunning image quality can be realised with one shot, because the maximum support for stabilisation and autofocus will be provided with a native Sony lens on a Sony camera.

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